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- On his Twitter page, Joey Styles commented that his WWE deal is set to expire, saying: “My WWE contract expires tomorrow,” Styles wrote. “It’s been an interesting five years. If you think I speak my mind now, imagine what I’ll say…or do tomorrow.”

Also, with regard to Kevin Nash’s recent comments on The Miz winning the WWE title, Styles said: “Kevin Nash said WWE proved we are a work with The Miz as champ?” wrote Styles. “Nash’s work never exposed the business? (Miz) won’t coast on just being big.”

  • erik

    @venon nash is not in his prime anymore. His best day’s was when he was diesel in wwf in 1993-1996 he was good in wcw with hall as outsiders in 1996-1998. nash needs to retired he has bad knees 13 knees operations nuff said.

  • venom

    Why is Nash still wrestling. He is so washed up. I guess he went bankrupt and needs cash like D’Lo Brown.

  • vinceite

    Nash is washed up, and he is one of the worst bookers in history. He’s basically a non-factor hanging around a business that has moved on without him.

    The Miz comes across as a JOKE as world champion. Honestly, is the guy a believable champ? We are talking about a reality star turned wrestler-wanna be. To go over Randy Orton is one of the worst angles in the history of WWE. Now, we have Juan Cena and The Miz taking over the show. Just when you think it can’t get any worse…

  • Big T

    Maybe that is a stupid statement. The Miz is absolutely annoying. He drives me nuts, but I’m always wondering what he’s going to do next. For the most part his matches have been pretty good. I don’t like his character, but I respect him. thats all

  • sean

    wow the miz esposed the bussiness didn’t kevin nash, and scott hall, and hbk, and hhh do that in madison square garden with the “curtain call” that exposed the bussiness more than the miz

  • Vinny

    I think Joey Styles needs to be lead announcer for SmackDown! I cannot stand Striker and the other guy is ok, but shouldnt be used as an announcer.

    Miz has charisma, and will be one of the industries biggest stars one day. Putting the belt on Miz was a good move by WWE. Guys like Jack Swagger, Shameus and others are good in the ring, but they don’t have charisma to back it up and be entertaining/sell tickets.

  • Satan

    Who gives a shit if the miz came from reality tv he has fully embraced pro wrestling and has become a great entertainer as well as decent worker int he ring he has it all like it or not he is the future and the business was exposed years ago. nuff said’

  • me

    you’re not a miz fan but he’s one of the only reasons you watch raw? um, am i the only one who sees the shear stupidity in that statement?

  • hey yo!

    WILL HENDERSON you are oh so right. Styles as the voice of ROH would be a match made in heaven.

    As far as Nash goes, I feel him being a former WWF/WWE Champion was a slap in the face to those who never were. The best thing he did in his career was tag with Hall.

  • Nicholas G

    It really doesn’t matter to me what Kevin Nash and Joey Styles has to say about the Miz being WWE champion. I been thinking this way for quit sometime about the Miz he is the next John Cena once he becomes a major face in the WWE. What I mean is kids are going to be line. His t-shirts, DVD and anything else you can think of going to be flying of the shell. Last Monday was not only the Miz becoming WWE champion but a begin of a new era in the WWE. Don’t be surprise at this year Wrestlemania you see Cena putting the Miz over with the Miz beating Cena an holding onto the WWE title.

    It just what I have felt for a while the Miz is the next John Cena. But may have a better wrestling skills a little bit.

    In closing Nash is an old bitter jerk who nobody cares about any more. An well Joey Styles I never really care for the guy really all that much. In the end been a wrestling fans for over 25 years or more and see this coming a mile away. The Miz is going to be the next John Cena period.

  • Danarchy

    Well Put CC And WB Miz worked his way from the bottom to the top by himself with nothing handed 2 him unlike certain people in the industry!!!!!!

  • jim

    remember when nash was in charge at WCW??that was the time that an actor became champ.

  • a$$hole

    Joey Styles is real big talk behinf a mic or computer id love to punch him dead in his face he a coward let’s see if he say anything to anyones face haha

  • WB

    Miz came up through the ranks & busted his ass. Hell JBL buried the guy week in & out. He was cut NO slack. Nash was handed everything once they found him bouncing a bar. Just cuz he’s a bigger guy. Nash never could work & was way over credited for being “smart” in this business or in his life. The guy has done worse for the business, Nash that is, than anyone in the history of wrestling. And he’s destroying TNA by trying to hijack their cash & spot light. At least Dixie wised up & put her foot down to his demands. He should be no where near a wrestling ring.. ever. He was funny back in the day, but honestly, Hall carried his ass & put him over by association. And, I wasn’t smart enough to see who he was back then.. and now.. a cancer.

  • venom

    Nash is a greying goof.

  • Will Henderson

    want to bet that after Joey leaves the WWE he will show up on ROH on HDnet as the “New Voice of ROH”. i could see him in ROH since ROH is based in Philly and has that ECW cult like feel for an small budget wrestling organization. and yes i been watching ROH lately and they have some good wresting on ROH on HDNet.

  • CC

    What does it really matter where the Miz came from initially? What matters is what he has achieved since then.
    When he first came in, everybody rightfully thought he sucked, but since then he has worked his butt off to improve both his in ring skills and his mic work, to the point that he is currently one of the best heels in WWE right now.

    Lets face it, what did Goldberg do in wrestling before he was in WWE, or any of the other big men who were signed because of their size rather than skill, for that matter?

    There has been a long history in pretty much every wrestling fed of people with little or no wrestling experience being pushed, so Miz is the least of them seeing as he has actually taken quite some time to actually learn the business before getting a huge push.
    Nash is once again talking out of his backside, especially seeing as he has never had any wrestling talent, and has just relied on being another big man.

  • rko

    This is retarded. David Arquette is an actor who won the wcw title. If that doesn’t take the cake, I don’t know what does. Miz came from a reality show and busted his ass. He wasn’t handed the world title because he was a celebrity.

  • holland

    The wrestling business is exposed since hogan won the world title en wwf whent world wide and nash did more for the wrestling business than mizz ever will what do you think of the nwo and the monday night wars ratings where of the roof back than and nash whas not the only one that did that

  • powerbombin midgets

    @squiggy completely retarded

  • Big T

    I’m not a miz fan, but he is one of the reasons I watch raw. He is very talented, and you can tell he works hard. He is easy top 5 of the most entertaining Raw superstars. He deserves the belt more than anyone with the exception of John Morrison.

  • venom

    Nash that greying goof.

  • In Grind We Crust

    3 words Nash. Finger. of. Doom.

  • squiggy

    Wow is joey stupid or did he just not understand what Nash meant?I don’t think nash was criticizing Miz’s abilities, he was talking about him coming from a reality show.I think it is a bunch of crap that Miz is the Champ anyways when there are many other deserving people out there that would do a hell of a better job.They need to create some new faces this heel announcer, heel GM and heel champion thing just isnt working.

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