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John Cena Before He Came Famous (WOW)


John Cena Before He Was Famous

  • http://WWE.com PROTOTYPE

    He is very Strong. He was a Professional BodyBuilder. And he did’t use chemicals.

  • John Cena Fan

    He was a professional body-builder before he was a professional wrestler.

  • tazz

    i say throw some facepaint on him and call him stinger

  • mr-rusty
  • MIKE

    i member him being skinny and not that many muscles when he first came to wwe

  • know your role

    That picture is when he was called the prototype that was back around 98 ish. Theres a video on youtube with that silly gimmick man was it lame.

  • http://yahoo.com Max Powers

    And he claims he never used steroids……riiiiggghhhtttt

  • cenaz army

    yep…similar to scott steiner

  • el barto

    he looks like a young big poppa pump

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