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John Cena Comments More on The Rock, Ryder Giving Away Autographs

– RAW star Zack Ryder is sending free autographs to fans on his Twitter. To receive the free swag, you must take a photo of you wearing his new WWE t-shirt and upload it to Twitter.

– John Cena took to Twitter today to comment more on The Rock. He wrote:

“All week u guys are asking me bout the rock. I was gonna let him slide. But now I don’t know? What u guys think?”

After fans responded, Cena wrote:

“Holy response! Well then. Looks like this will be another very memorable week in the wwe.”

  • Stashathan

    Cena suckz that is all i have to say…
    oh and Barney jr should think twice about trying to come back against
    the great one oh well fun for me to watch cena finally get rock bottomed

  • chris

    I agree what ME just said,that’d be a great raw and be nice if it was the return of stone cold.. i miss him

  • Saintsman

    yeah. your right about that one lol.

  • slim

    There were many great chants in that match!

  • Saintsman

    Man, my hope for wrestling was all but flushed down the toilet… when suddenly…. The Rock Appears? The best thing out of my generation of wrestling? As far as Cena and The Rock goes. Anyone remember Cena vs RVD at that ECW PPV? What wer ethe fans chanting? They were chanting “Same Old S$!t” If i’m not mistaken. Never heard that with The Great One. Haven’t heard a crowd that loud on TV since the Attitude Era.

  • Smell it

    Naw it will be cena trying to cut a 20 min promo, then about 3 mins in, Rock takes over and get the entire 17 mins to kill fruity pebble cena.

  • TomC

    Rock v Cena would be FANTASTIC


    to be honest imma fan of both cena and rock so this should be one for the ages

  • jake

    You should just let it side Cena before The Rock comes and whips your purple pink and orange candy ass!!!

  • mj

    Everyone buy a zach rhyder t-shirt! this guy deserves to be US champion! If wwe won’t push him then the fans have to support him. forget cena and the rock zach hyder needs to stop getting buried!

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    20 min promo by Cena < 5 min appearance of The Rock!! And I am not a hater of Cena, I just think that The Great One is by far a better superstar that him

  • Jimbo

    For a variety of reasons, including a potential Cena response-promo, the 2-21-11 RAW will be a can’t miss.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Cena please shut up! You are so far out of The Rock’s league! Just keep being completely useless for everyone under 15, while us adults will watch the talented legend.

  • Me

    I bet the fans will be chanting Stings name throughout Raw.

  • Me

    Watch John Cena cuts a promo against the Rock on the 2/21/11 Raw. Also the undertakers and HHH’s return, all the EC fallout, a new hall of fame inductee, and a few Wrestlemania matches will be officially announced like Cena vs The Miz and Orton vs Punk. It will be a good raw overall.