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John Cena Reacts To “Mistake” On Raw, Vickie Guerrero Weighs In On AJ

– On Backstage Fallout, John Cena was asked about unsuccessfully cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase on Raw against CM Punk. He responded, “My mistake.”

Cena continues, “We all know I’ve had issues with CM Punk in the past, but it’s been (pause), the word respect comes up. If you’re the champ, nobody has any loyalty to anything. The word respect comes to mind, even when we’re at each other’s throats. It just respect. I go back to Money in the Bank when Vince went to throw it out and I told him no, and I lost. My watch, my terms, and I respect that.”

The Miz, Heath Slater and Daniel Bryan also react to Raw events.


– After AJ decided not to marry Daniel Bryan on Raw, it was revealed she accepted a proposal from Vince McMahon to become the new permanent Raw General Manager. Vickie Guerrero, a former General Manager of the program, weighed in on the matter via Twitter.

“Feelings about @Aj? Her reign in office will be short lived…no experience, maturity, and support….she will learn she needs to grow up,” Guerrero wrote.

– TNA star and former WWE star Kurt Angle tweeted on Raw, “Did not watch Raw 1000 Episode. Was on Honeymoon. Heard It Was Great.”

  • shorty

    ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP INSULTING ME ON THIS CHAT BOARD i AM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF IT

  • philly655

    Shortys a woman- thats why her panties are always in a twist.. especially about Vickie… Shorty had a full on strop cos i said that she was into vickie!!! Shorty has the Horn 4 Vickie.. Simples!! look how passionate and agitated she gets awhen discussing vickie!!

  • Shawn O B

    shortys on some speed or took some mood-enhancing product.

  • No Name Required

    Dude what’s with the rivalries on this sight ant and SYM are always going toe to toe on something.

  • Out of curiousity if aj is gm of raw who is gm of smackdown?

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    @muh boy

    Yeah sounds like he’s butthurt.

  • muh boy

    shorty you need to calm your anus down

  • ant

    wildeye i agree with u honestly im like cm pu k in that i never really liked hogan i liked rowdy piper and randy savage but honestly i have no problem with move sets i mean sheamus,john cena,randy orton,triole h, even the undertaker has a moveset and theres absolutely nothing wrong with it

  • shorty

    and vickie guerrero had the assistant gm positing for sometime and she had no experience sorry error in spelling before
    and she had no experience at all what so ever in doing the job
    it is good that someone new is the general manager of raw and she is not so story wise or not Vickie guerrero needs to get over it
    Vince Mc Mahhon Picked who he thought was right for the job of being the new raw general manager which was AJ Lee and not Vickie Guerrero because she is not the right person for the job and she never was the right person for the job of being general manager from day one hopefully Teddy Long will be the general manager of Friday night smackdown now both shows will be worth watching and will be good and very enjoyable shows to watch each and every week due to Vickie Guerrero not being the general manager because she never had the exerience for the job of being general manager did it ever occur that it was also the board of directors in wwe who thought that Vickie Guerrero did not have any experience either to be the new general manager of raw either? and that along with Vince Mc Mahon the wwe board of directors as well as Triple H and his wife Stephanie Mc Mahon thought that AJ Lee was a better person to be the new Raw Gm and not vickie guerrero because she was not the right person for the job and has no experience to be the new Gm of raw as she never had experience to be general manager of raw and smack down let alone smackdown consultant and assistant gm? Did anyone thing that the wwe board of directors and Vince Mc Mahon and Triple H and his wife Stephanie also thought that Vickie Guerrero was not professional a little unstable as she flipped out screaming and was freaking out on Friday night smackdown last week on Friday when Ricardo Rodreguez insulted Vickie Guerrero and questioned Vickie Guerreros Experience of being a wwe manager let along a general manager in the past and that is why Vickie Guerrero is not the new Raw GM? that Vince Mc Mahon and the wwe board of directors wants someone who is more professional maybe Vickie Guerrero needs to grow up not AJ Lee

  • shorty

    and vickie guerrero had the assistant gm position for sometime
    and she had so exerience at all what so ever
    thank god someone else is the new general manager of raw and not her

  • wildeye

    I am not here to insult or put down anyone. Just think before complaining about Cena cause Hogan only had 3 moves as well. bodyslam, boot to the face and legdrop. If you watched wrestling when Hogan was the face of WWE( WWF back then) you would see the similarities of how the two wrestle. If they wrestled each other that would be one boring match. I hate to admit it but I was a huge Hulk Hogan fan when I was a kid and I have alot of respect for Cena now

  • shorty

    yeah and when vickie guerrero was the assistant general manager
    ahe abused the power a bout being assistant general manager to help superstars like edge get championship wins and to sleep her way to the top (hard to believe) story line wise with Edge (who is dating beth phoenix in real life) big show ( who is happily married in real life) and and eric escobar (who probably has a very attractive wife or girlfriend in real life. Vickie Guerrero had no clue or exerience to run smackdown as gm back then years ago or to be smackdown consultant or gm or raw and that is why she is not the new general manager of raw as of present 2012 and aj lee is because again vince mc mahon thought that Aj Lee was right for the job and vickie guerrero was not, and I am not insulting my exerience for anyone here so cut the crap okay?

  • ant

    THANK YOU WILDEYE! finally someone that sees it for what it is and i didnt even have to respond to that idiot SYM cuz u took the words right out of mouth right on yo

  • wildeye

    people should understand that the fans help push certain superstars. if the creative staff or Vince see the fans going nuts over one guy or diva then they get the push. Cena seems to be good for business with the pg era. Just like Hogan in the 80s and Stone cold in the additude era. Just like Justin Beiber is good for the music business with the young people. Like them or not they aint going anywhere as long as the money is coming into the business for someone.

  • SYM

    @ant u gonna tell us that Justin Beibers a good singer and we all have to like him because he spends days working on his songs?

  • ChrisDV

    @ Eve’s Left Nipple

    Yes, she did – Vickie had been the Assistant GM for some time.

  • ant

    im so sick of idiots like SYM saying cena had stuff handed to him like cmon now the guys a freakin workhorse and his work ethic goes beyond wrestling i mean the guy shows up to various events outside of the ring helping children and spreading good messages to communities and stuff like thay but yet he dosent deserve anything man to me thats a load of crap thats like saying ric flair was just HANDED all the titles he won or Angle or Edge or Sting or The Undertaker like cmon its just not true

  • Eve’s left nipple

    No experience? Storyline wise or not Vickie didn’t have a clue about pro wrestling when she was made the SD GM years back.

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers


    We don’t have to insult your intelligence, you do that for us.

  • shorty

    look do not start with me on this message board okay? i am 44 years old and I am not no kid or child i have a right to my opinions
    I been watching wrestling even way before wwe for more than 20 years since 1987 when i was 19 years old did it ever occur to any of you
    that the reason vince mc mahon picked aj lee for the job for raw general manager because he thought that she was right for the job and that vickie guerrero was not right for the job? I am fully aware that this is a show with characters and story lines okay? so please dont insult my intellience, I am aware of the concept of story lines and characters I am smart okay?? I also think that Teddy long will be the general manager of friday night smackdown. please show a little more respect towards me and stop with the rude attitude

  • John

    I don’t think shorty realizes yet that it’s a scripted entertainment show with characters like any other sitcom on television.

  • SYM

    @shorty You must’ve wondered when Vince’s funeral was after his Limo exploded in 2007.

  • shorty

    Vickie Guerrero Grow Up get a life and get over it it is not all about you, deal with it someone else got the job of being the new raw general manager get over it and deal with it

  • jeff

    Oh this kind of mistake. I thought he was talking about like blooper mistakes. Like when taker came out and his towel got stuck & the bam already happened. Was suppose to be. Taker takes towel off n bam!

  • SYM

    Oh Cena’s True Blue huh? We can respect Cena’s hustle, but as a “Wrestler” or “Superstar” I have no respect for him. Hes had every title hes won Handed to him, no work. 3 Weeks in OVW and hes sent to the Main Roster because he has the “Look”. The only reason Cena “Wrestled” when he was Thuganomics was to keep his job and get feedback from the Fans. He never had that Love for the Business. If The Marine was successful I bet Cena wouldve left the WWE just like Dwayne did. And I say Dwayne because the Rock was a Slick Talking Pro with Base in his Voice, not a Damn Scorpion King.