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- We noted before that the Cody Rhodes “firing” on RAW seemed rushed because of a lack of communication between WWE officials and creative as of late. To go along with that, nobody in creative knew of Mark Henry being cleared to wrestle until reading about it online. Said one WWE source, “Communication process is the shits in this company.”

- Don’t be surprised if WWE gives up on their “babyface experiment” with The Miz soon.

- While John Cena won’t be able to wrestle until around Royal Rumble time, there is already talk of bringing him back to WWE TV in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cena wants to start making appearances for the company to help with their big Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Cena’s rehab for his injuries will be one of the storylines for the second half of this Total Divas season also.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Timothy Davis

    Lets be honest here, Cena wants back on tv asap because he can feel the company shifting and him being less important.

  • Pat

    yikes that sucks

  • ssadasd

    In other words, you want Cena to be “under” in the face role, having an exposed weakness played by a powerful villain that for some reason he can’t defeat. Superman vs Lex Luther is boring because we all know the outcome, but the confrontation can be avoided for a very long time because Luther has a lot of tools to operate all over the place at the same time, thus providing the conflict question to be resolved.

    Cena doesn’t have any real conflict questions or internal struggles. Remember back when The Rock and Stone Cold had their twists and turns, shifting roles and tweaking themselves a bit every so often? Cena is just always the same Superman who only faces guys we have already seen him beat or we will see him beat guys in the same match he has with every guy he has a match with.

    I remember when JBL made Shawn Michaels his “biyaaa…”

    Point is, you are right. Cena needs that next step, which is a twist, a turn, something dark. Not “holding the idiot ball” like he normally does but something that adds a level of depth to the character that people who hate him can relate to. (Because, he already relates to people who like him) which would strengthen him as a face or heel.

  • ssadasd

    Miz isn’t over because he is feuding with people who the fans like such as Fandango. (I hate Fandango, but in a good way).

    Miz needs to get out of the upper-mid card and break through the glass ceiling. I say have RVD win the WHC from ADR then have him lose it to heel MIZ.

    Hey, it was worth a shot.

  • Tim

    They were in Canada. Canadian fans always are unpredictable. I remember at summerslam 04 when they booed Edge in his hometown, while he was still a face.

  • Pat

    yeah was really surprised they were booing him and cheering sandow

  • Scooter

    If they insist on having Cena on tv, I want him to be constantly tormented by Triple H for not being able to wrestle and een when he’s healthy I want to see him in the same position! If Cena’s supposed to be Superman why not give him some form of internal struggle like Superman has because he has to resist the urge to kill.

    Essentially I want Hunter to make Cena his bitch and have him do a pseudo heel turn as a result, capitalize on what they had the potential to do with Nexus. It will gradually build sympathy for Cena as he would be on the same side as Bryan and others and he would get a huge pop when he finally turned on Hunter.

  • Scooter

    Remember when he was actually out for a while and returned at the Royal Rumble and got the biggest pop of his career? They could recreate that.

  • Jeffrey Bolo Bolden

    They refuse to let ppl actually miss Cena. Thats the problem they already have and they just continue to beat a deas horse. Cena being gone completely for 6months is good for him amd good for fans too. But why would they do something so smart as to let the guy take all of his time off and actually let the people want him to come back

  • eamonn h

    - Don’t be surprised if WWE gives up on their “babyface experiment” with The Miz soon.

    Well given the way he was given dirty looks into the crowd at raw on Monday when they were cheering for the dancer bloke I’d say sooner than later and turn the dancer face at the same time.

  • rj1

    Cena wants to start making appearances for the company to help with their big Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

    WWE will start a fued between Cena and Cancer.
    Cole: “Attitude Adjustment. 1, 2, 3. John Cena has just cured Cancer. Vintage Cena!”

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