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John Cena & The Rock Joke Around After Raw

Thanks to Joseph Daniel for sending in the following notes after Raw went off the air.

After the WWE Raw 1000th episode went off the air tonight, The Big Show started attacking John Cena until The Rock made the save by delivering a Rock Bottom to Big Show, then John Cena followed up with an Attitude Adjustment.

Afterwards, John Cena handed The Rock one of his armbands. The Rock then got on the mic and said Cena must be using head bands as arm bands because there is no way anyones arms are that big. Everyone including John Cena started laughing.

The Rock then hit the people’s elbow, as John Cena left up the ramp. The Rock thanked the fans.

A lot of fans in attendance were upset that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was not in attendance for tonight’s event. Lots of chants for him.

  • poko

    wow after raw, punk is actually interesting again, although im sure he will still boring face punk next week though. face punk = piss break

  • Aiden1990

    Imagine punk just hits the gts on rocky then all off a sudden glass shatters and we have a stone cold Steve Austin and punk brawl but instead we have two guys the wwe spent a year long build saying that they hated each other fucking around

  • SYM

    Now we have PG Rock. No Boots 2 Asses its B2A. And Yeah no Austin WTF!

  • Punk

    So Austin missed a RAW show because he was filming a movie.

    What a sell out

  • sam

    maybe punk turning heel opens up the Austin/Punk dream match at wrestlemania. Austin has said he would like to face Punk aslong as he was a heel, so perhaps this was something to do with that who knows

  • zmanwwf

    greatest raw show since this month , AJ era of GM begins just like other, she’ll be face and then heel and WWE directors wiil fire hire of course just like the other, neat punk is heel , hope punk and show vs cena/rock team up, brock vs hhh might be being since that match was so delayed , punk vs rock at royal rumble 2013 since like a good matchup,show vs cena at summerslam is super boring!!, carlie sheen and d bryan WTF! sheen get a face guy to battle bryan like who zack ryder, ryback or who?!!!
    best raw ever 1000th!!!!

  • nikki

    austin is filming grown ups 2..could be a reason why?

  • Punk turns hell, AGAIN. Or probably not. But it shall be great though. Because WWE does need a Top Heel right now besides Del Rio.

  • mjb

    I got hard when i saw lita

  • Rauth

    You people need to relax… Austin was NOT the WWE. There were a LOT of greats that were not on Raw 1000.

  • damkat

    yeah austin should have been there he was a major part of raw for many years.

  • Vanilla Thriller

    No Austin on raw wtf man!

  • jeff

    I was hoping to hear glass shatter at end of show

  • Stevie P

    I’ll reserve judgment until we really find the reason why Austin wasn’t there. Could be a variety of reasons. I even heard a rumor that Austin was asked to be GM and he told them he didn’t want to do it so that’s why he wasn’t there. We shall see.

  • Jesse

    The reason why Austin was not on RAW 1000,its because he’s shooting Grown Ups 2 movie.


    Austin Austin WTF???

  • CM Mark

    Sucks no Stone Cold. That was a mistake. A BIG one.