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John Cena Makes Statement to Fans on Twitter, Updates on The Rock & Kevin Nash

– Ned sent word that WWE’s Alumni roster page now lists Kevin Nash instead of Diesel.

– The Rock noted on Twitter today that this is actually the first day of filming for GI Joe, after working on-set for a few weeks now.

– John Cena wrote the following on Twitter in response to comments from fans after last night’s RAW:

“CeNation. Amazing to see in times of crisis, and change, who your freinds are. Thanks to all of u who never give up…. And for those that wish for our demise, now is when we rise above the hate, and overcome. Can’t wait to get my hands on Del Rio. Yawn ..stop looking at this bizz in black and white. I am not a “heel” or a “face”, I am me. I find it comical that u truly believe. That archaic ideology still exists. Today, wwe fans cheer for who they please, which is why I love this company. I should mail u a pair of my shorts, because your stuck in 1993.

I thought I made it pretty clear at contract signing where I stood. I guess there’s a lot of folks out there whose capacity is as limited as “my offense”. 🙂 I back those who back me. And those who back me, get ready for one Helluva few months! Rise Above Hate. This “soap box moment ” was brought to you by Fruity Pebbles. 🙂 Thanks again to ALL those who never give up.”

  • Jason

    tombstone1108,All i meant was there is more talented guys then Cena that get nowhere.Morrison is a damn good wrestler,But there are guys like Kingston,Henry,Bryan,truth,and more that are more talented then Cena and Orton.Cena just tries to be the rock on the mic,no skill of his own.

  • JOE

    @tombstone1108 please describe in great detail whats so special about john cena?

  • tombstone1108

    uh oh beware the spelling police have arrived. So I hit the wrong key big fat hairy deal. And no most kids would not want a villan coming to see them. Remember they are children they do not all understand the working of sports entertainment like we do.

  • venom


    What is streghnth? Is that another wrestling term I never heard of? Cena can still do Make a wish Foundation as a heel. Cena needs to turn heel and let somebody else be the top face of the company and see what direction the company goes too.

  • tombstone1108

    Jason, Morrison is your idea of real talent? Talent is being able to wrestle and be good on the mike. Morrison has great moves but that is about it.
    Now I do not usually reply to individual posters but since you posted to me by name i felt obliged. Maybe your idea of talent is different than mine so to each his own. HAVE A NICE DAY!

  • tombstone1108

    think some people need to realize that wrestling is all about using your streghnths, John Cenas streghnth is raw power. The man is strong as a ox. He is not a high flier or a great technician but he is an awesome athelete. He is an even more awesome human being, The work he does withthe make a wish foundation and other charities prove this.
    Now to those of you wanting him to make a heel turn, Shame on you. He is a hero to many sick children and you want him to dump on them and turn heel?
    To those who claim he has been shoved down your throat, That is why your television has a button to change channels. You can always go watch TNA.

  • Cool Mark Punk

    I really hate those few dickheads that are just going to hate Cena regardless because they’re sheep, if someone says he can’t wrestle its exactly what they’ll say. I really dislike Cena’s character that he is now, the clothes don’t bother me, he’s “lack of moves” don’t bother me, on that note how many wrestlers do you know that have huge move sets? What needs to change is Cena’s over the tip, goody twoshoes, goofy lame arse promo’s. Cena had some awesome promos when he first started and was trying to get noticed. Now he just seems content with being that guy and never changing. Pleas for the sake of wrestling reinvent yourself a bit. People change, characters should change.

  • Rucdogg

    So on raw cena said del rio doesnt deserve to be champ for cashing in a briefcase but punk does…didnt punk do it twice? then he said del rio would have to defend the title sooner or later…didnt del rio just finish beating rey for the title? I know its knit picking but it was annoying that they think we dont pay attention. kinda like the undertaker hhh match at mania ten years ago never happened.

  • Go away! ‘batin!

  • Trixie

    It’s “you’re” not “your”, Mr. Cena. How am I supposed to take you seriously when you don’t have proper command of the English language? Granted there are a lot of people that make that mistake… but still.

  • Notingham

    I’m thinking this is part of the storyline. I think Cena’s reactions in the ring and him sort of being the ass to CM Punk is maybe the begining of him do a semi heel turn. Maybe he won’t completely turn heel, but he’ll be more outspoken against fans who aren’t his or his critics. Sort of like when Nash turned heel before he faced Taker at Wrestlemania on his way out.

    If you remember, he told the fans still rocking the black gloves that they were in it together. Sort of like how Cena says you wear the colors proudly and all that jazz.

    I also think him saying there are no heels or faces is part of the business. I think they may be trying to take the biz more pg-13 with some elements of the Attitude Era. Back then, many people weren’t truly heels or faces. They played more real to life characters with edges (even if htey were faces).

  • little jimmy

    you people who hate on cena all time and say he is talentless and dosent know professional wrestling, you all need to get real and stop hating on the guy. Maybe he is abit too pg but he is one of the biggest faces of all time and works his ass off to put a good show on for us. watch his matches since mitb, he hasnt just done his 5 moves or however many they are hes actually stepped up his game.

  • shawn

    i get cenas point, he wants characters to have more than one dimension but i think that’ll turn kids and some non-optimistic fans off. they’ll eventually just give up on the complexity of the “tweener” and go for a wrestler whos a full on heel or face. imo. tna is starting to bother me with anderson. maybe cenas idea would be justified if writers can do it.

  • John Cheesa

    I respect Cena’s work ethic, but I have never been able to take him too seriously as the character he portrays. Last night, though, was one of his best promos. He sounded really gruff, angry, and exasperated. No corny, over-the-top promo–just straight down-to-business anger. That tells me that he would be an excellent heel.

  • Jason

    Tombstone1108 cena is not real talent,truth and morrison is real talent.Cena just reminds people of hogan,I’m sorry to all the Hulkamaniacs in here but hogan was nothing also guys like randy savage and Mr perfect had more talent hogan.

  • D2K

    Vince McMahon made a good point a few weeks ago when he said that “no ONE MAN is bigger than the WWE.” Apparently John Cena was listening to that. Seems like he feels that reality bends toward his particular situation.

    Hulk Hogan was the biggest babyface in the history of professional wrestling. Bigger than John Cena could ever hope to be. Hulk Hogan had the youth of the entire WORLD in his pocket, and not just the WW(F) fans. You know what happened though? Those kids, GREW UP. Their attention spans got shorter and their taste changed. So rather than be reactive to trying a salvage an already sinking ship, Hogan got proactive and became a ‘heel’. At his 1996 Bash At The Beach promo with him joining the nWo probably 85% of what he said was fact. It was hard to swallow for the fans and they hated him for it, but it was the truth no less. That is what made the ‘Hollywood’ Hogan character work.

    If Cena truly believes in what he says than the fans he claims have stuck with him through thick and thin will still be there if he does turn heel and give a truthful speech like Hogan did. True Hogan fans didn’t abandon him because her turned heel. They cheered him anyway which is one of the reasons the nWo as a heel faction was popular.

    That is why I feel that Cena doesn’t understand how this business works. He’s beginning to believe his own nonsense like Bret Hart did back in the late 90s. One of these days he’s gonna turn around and have no crowd reaction at all. We saw a glimpse of that at SummerSlam.

  • Tombstone1108

    Cena has a lot of fans who are not kids. I am 42 and a lot of my friends both younger and older than me like his work. Guess there are a few of us left who appreciate real talent.

  • Jimbo

    So basically a giant middle finger to the 18+ crowd.

  • D2K

    Listening to this absurd dissertation from Cena I can honestly say that he is COMPLETELY clueless and has lost touch with what professional wrestling is all about.

    I’m starting to think that maybe WWE has wanted to turn him heel and it’s HE who has been refusing that.

  • Tombstone1108

    LOL. Nobody is getting to Cena. The man is just telling you like it is. I agree with Mick, Cena is a great wrestler.

  • Stashathan

    you just may be rite… the fans are finally getting to Cena
    you can see it in how pissed off he has been

  • mark

    first time i have Cena looking really pissed off about the crowd reactions to him. Its obviously getting to him for I think the first time. He does need an character change, he is getting very stale. Maybe a good full heel run is just wot he needs.

    I hear all the questions about merchandise sales but his true fans will still buy them

  • shawn

    he doesnt think there are heels and faces because he gets mixed reactions. r truth IS a heel just like john morrison IS a face. when a heel does something bad, he’ll get bood by a great majority. thats how wrestling worked back then, its how it works now.

    rip on this guy!

  • Sammo

    All I learned from that is that Cena doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.