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John Cena Tweets After RAW, Match Confirmed for Next Week’s Show

– John Cena tweeted the following after RAW:

“Interesting #raw tonight. Make sure u check out @Syfy #DreamMachines tomorrow after #smackdown.”

– CM Punk vs. Mark Henry in a No DQ, No Countout match is set for Raw next week.

  • BlaH

    After speaking with sources, WZ can confirm Brock Lesnar’s signing of a WWE contract on WrestleMania 28 weekend drastically changed several WrestleMania match outcomes and character futures.

    The Hell in a Cell match outcome and future was said to be changed quite a bit last minute. As WZ reported a few weeks ago, Triple H vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 29 was one of the top possible matches being discussed prior to WrestleMania 28, with the idea of announcing the match on the 4/2/12 episode of RAW. When Lesnar was signed, WWE decided to scrap the plans for the time being. They wanted Lesnar’s return to be what ended RAW and a match being made between Triple H and HBK is something WWE felt would be so big, it should also end RAW. WWE then decided to hold off on that possible match because with the return of Lesnar, coupled with the belief that The Rock will be involved in next year’s WrestleMania, WWE didn’t want to pigeon hole themselves with a match between Triple H and Shawn Michaels for a year. Sources say the match hasn’t been wiped off the table but conversation of it likely won’t be revisited until WrestleMania 29 gets closer.

    Another effect from Lesnar’s signing was John Cena’s future. It was expected that the newly debuted Lord Tensai would have his first feud with John Cena. Once Lesnar signed, WWE wanted Lesnar to start off his WWE return in a feud with John Cena so Lord Tensai is expected to work with CM Punk. Sources couldn’t confirm what the outcome of The Rock vs John Cena match was to be prior to Lesnar’s signing, but there is much speculation that Cena’s loss was decided upon later during WrestleMania weekend to set up the anticipation of Cena’s reaction the next night on RAW and hold the audience’s attention for the end of RAW and Lesnar’s return.

  • Jimbo

    And yet Mark Henry was WHC a few months ago.

  • heyfit

    Mark Henry should be the WWE champion.
    CM Punk vs Jericho feud does not have to be for the title.

    Vince is RACIST for not making any black wrestlers as champion.

  • 360degrees

    So you want Punk to retain his title at extrene rules but lose it to Henry next week

  • Albert

    Lets hope Henry gets a clean win! He deserves it 🙂 Cm Punk should loose the title at Summer slam IMO SO Extreme Rules triple threat punk vs henry vs Jericho TLC? Punk retains