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John Cena Was Unsure If He Was Working WrestleMania This Year

John Cena revealed in a recent interview with Times-Picayune that he wasn’t sure that he would be involved in this year’s WrestleMania event.

“Had you asked me three months ago would I even be involved in WrestleMania, the answer was probably no,” said Cena. “So I literally just had to, uh, stop being a boo-boo face, you know? [I had to] get off my horse of pouting and get back in the mix, and that’s just what I did… There is nobody more excited than me because very rarely do you get that first chance, you almost never get that second chance. So, I’m very happy to be there.”

Here is footage from the said interview with John Cena.

  • Please. When was he ever NOT going to main event against Rock again? We all saw that coming from MILES away, as soon as Rock said right after WM last year, that he was gonna come back to be WWE Champ. That is how obvious WWE’s storylines are these days. They broadcast a year in advance what’s going to happen….

  • Little Jimmy

    Well Cena turning heel would be the equivalent of Hogan being the third member of the N.W.O back in the day it would be good to watch and would be unpredictable. He should be revealed as the guy who is really behind the SHEILD coming to the WWE, Instead of spurning out boring promo’s what only a Little Jimmy or a Little Jenny could enjoy.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Obviously he was in character.

  • he needs turn heel .

  • aaron

    Figured it just say haha just kidding

  • pochepiller

    What a dumbass, he really think we can swallow everything. kayfabe or not, this statement of Cena was pretty stupid.