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John Laurinaitis To Appear On Tonight’s Raw SuperShow, Latest “WWE Download”

– WWE’s Breaking News mobile alert service reported Monday afternoon that former General Manager and Executive Vice President of Talent John Laurinaitis will give his farewell address on tonight’s Raw SuperShow.

Laurinaitis added on Twitter, “They haven’t taken away my Twitter accounts yet … Tonight on #Raw, I say farewell with the class and dignity that #PeoplePower deserves.”

John Cena’s Steel Cage Match victory over Big Show at No Way Out carried the stipulation that Laurinaitis would be terminated if The World’s Largest Athlete couldn’t pick up the duke.

– This week on WWE Download, Dolph Ziggler looks at a few guys who can’t quite hit their targets, and showcases several of Zack Ryder’s “shining” moments.


  • Scotlandnumber1

    Stone cold or flair as raw gm, give smackdown bk to teddy but am
    I the only one that thinls the storylines are getting pathetic now. Here match for you! Cm punk claims hes the best in the world. I say cm punk vs kurt angle. See whos the best wrestler then.

  • False Idol

    Yeah same here! He should come back for the build up to summerslam in Lesnar’s corner and mcmahon in HHH, which seems very much like what we saw at No Way Out!

  • Whatever

    @Landon harris, I read that, but I just hope it isn’t true 😛

  • i guess u guys didnt read it big johnny is coming back with brock lesnar with help from the board

  • Whatever

    ok and now give us a damn good gm!
    but I think that the storyline isn’t over yet, we will see him a lot I think 🙁

  • The Awesome One

    Cya Big Johnny hope they bring in someone awesome for the RAW gm they should give teddy smackdown again

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    “if The World’s Largest Athlete couldn’t pick up the duke.”

    Excuse me?

  • mike

    He was fired last night which means there is absolutley no need for a farewell speech tonight on raw and i’m pretty sure no one wants to see this guy on televison again. Also what was the point of that stipulation if it meant he would appear the very next night on raw. Its getting redicoulous now.

  • Blood_Scorpio

    It should’ve been “WWE Creative Team, YOU’RE…*takes long breath* FIIIIIIIIRREEEDDD!”