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John Morrison Addresses Departure From WWE, Buff Bagwell Looking To Return

— John Morrison addressed his departure from WWE during an interview with Colt Cabana for The Art of Wrestling.

“I left on good terms,” he said of his parting of ways. Morrison added that management always told him that his inability to cut a strong promo held him back from achieving greater success; he admits it’s something he needs to improve on. He is now looking to reposition himself and is hopeful that he’ll be worth more upon his return to the organization.

Morrison also discussed his workout routine, parodying The Undertaker and Triple H in an online video, parkour, life outside of professional wrestling and more. The interview is available at

— Marcus “Buff” Bagwell is at home recovering after being involved in a serious car accident on April 23 while traveling near his hometown of Marietta, Georgia. The former WCW Superstar is quickly healing from the life-threatening ordeal and is eyeing a return to the squared circle.

“Buff is doing much better!” a representative of Bagwell told “He is at home and ready to work again.”

  • Stone Cold 619

    Buff Bagwell World Champion or WWE Champion

  • TwiztidRoman

    I’d like to see buff bagwell have one last run in WWE before he retires

  • scooter

    He was he did editing fail by me there

  • scooter

    My only problem with JoMo was I felt he was he did far too much as a face. A good example was his C4 beautiful looking move and he pretty much hit it out of nowhere but he threw it away and only got a two count only to “hit” starship pain which is an ugly move and just looks weak. JoMos got all the abillity and when he was a heel and was flashy but not as much as he is a face he was awesome but like I say he did way too much as a face!

  • King albert

    he will never be a WWE or WHC champion and i’m ok with that

  • voice of reason

    who cares if john was good behind the mic or not his skills spoke volumes.

    as for buff bagwell get well soon & don’t come back too soon get well & rest up & when it’s your time i would love it if you can come back to the wwe maybe as a divas manager or just as a competitor or even with scotty norton that would be awesome.

  • Howe

    Hate it or love it*

  • Howe

    Nope, this isn’t pro-wrestling, this is modern-day (<—keyword, there) WWE where promo skills are valued over everything else. You can't talk, you don't get pushed. You even mentioned that in your post. Hate it or love, but that's what WWE has evolved into at this point.

  • SYM

    @Devil_Rising Taz is Excellent on the Mic. And that whole thing doesn’t prove to me anything. That was ur opinion and I agreed for a little bit but when u said “I’d pick a Ultimo Dragon over a Ric Flair ANY DAY OF THE WEEK”……I Felt that U DONE GOOFED UP! And if u dont like the fact WWE values wrestlers on Mic skills, then go watch ROH.

  • Devil_Rising

    This whole “This guy can’t cut a promo”, and “this guy’s mic skills are weak” shit has to stop. There were PLENTY of top guys who “weren’t very good interviews” back in the day, that didn’t NEED to “Talk”, because they had other things. Andre the Giant for example. That wasn’t all his fault because he had a thick French accent. But regardless, he didn’t NEED to talk. He was Andre, and that was enough. Ricky Steamboat wasn’t an “amazing promo”, but he WAS an amazing wrestler. Same with Bret Hart, though he did give some great promos during his “Pro-Canadian” heel run. Chris Benoit, regardless of how the fool ended his life, prior to that was one of the best wrestlers in history, and he didn’t need “mic skills” to get over either. Taz, “not too great on the mic”, but at one time amazing in the ring.

    Get the point? This whole valuing guys who can “talk” even if they have ZERO wrestling ability (David Otunga), over guys that are GREAT wrestlers but “aren’t very good on the mic” (Shelton Benjamin), is pointless. I’ll take Ultimo Dragon, one of the best wrestling in pro wrestling history, period, over a Ric Flair ANY DAY of the week.

    Having a guy like CM Punk who has it all, that’s great. Or Undertaker, or whoever. But me personally, I’d rather watch guys who can perform in the RING, not “on the stick”, if I have to choose. This is PRO WRESTLING, not practice for day-time TV.

  • SYM

    I didn’t even Pay attention to his Mic skills I jus thought “Hes soft for letting the Wrestlers bang his Girlfriend”

  • chronoxiong

    Of course it was his mic skills that held him back. The fans that didn’t want to believe that are delusional.

  • scooter

    Art of wrestling playing in the background is probably the only reason I’m passing college.