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John Morrison Asked About His Biggest Wins, DX Star Puts Over Dolph Ziggler

– Former WWE Superstars Kip James and John Morrison did an interview with Yahoo Philippines to promote the WWFX tour there.

Morrison was asked his biggest win and replied with the following:

“I’ve always been more about the journey than the win. Pro Wrestling to me is about constant improvement, finding accomplishment in evolving into a more complete, precise entertainer. Some of my favorite moments are my debut match, MNM vs. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, and beating Sheamus to become the number 1 contender at TLC 2011. When I think about it, other than that, most of my favorite moments are of matches that I lost – losing the ECW championship to CM Punk in August 2007; Falls count anywhere versus Miz; MNM vs. the Hardy’s, Morrison vs. Ziggler any given night of the last Europe tour; the infamous Limo explosion on Z True Island story (not a match, but I definitely wouldn’t count it as a win).”

Kip James, the former Billy Gunn, was asked which new wrestlers impress the most. He replied:

“Dolph Ziggler he has a ton of talent and is on his way to becoming a huge star.”

  • ogitchida

    i could see morrison returning and teaming with ziggler at some point, as the next greatest “heel” tag team… it could fucking work… morrison just need to tighten up them mic skills… ziggler has improved greatly so maybe he’ll just be the mic man all the time…

  • JIR

    I dont relate Ziggler and Billy Gunn more like Ziggler and Mr. Perfect

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    i can see ziggler winning the mitb match at wrestlemania this year and cashing it in against punk or jericho to win the wwe title the same night.
    ziggler is the future of the wwe in my opinion.

  • kamala’s foot

    Morrison’s biggest win was over melina.

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    I just think Billy Gunn likes Dolph Ziggler’s hair.

  • tim

    Those answers tell me he is the real type of wrestler. Knowing its not about the wins but how you perform. He was so under utilized.

  • Bill

    The Fame-Asser counter of the GTS by Ziggler at RR was epic! Too bad the New Age Outlaws didn’t get to reunite at RR.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    if he comes back, he will need to ditch the gimmick of being a 70’s rock star….and just be a cocky version of himself…aka shawn michaels during his first dx run!!!
    If he did this and just wrestled his ass off, he could be a world champion.

  • Snark Mark

    Is it odd that JoMo picked quite a few moments from his last couple of months with WWE? Hopefully once he gets healed up and rested he’ll make a big splash and a return

  • joe

    Of course he would say that about #showoff! He’s a billy gun v2. Which I like cuz I loved the new age outlaws back in the day