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John Morrison Interview: Changes to His Character, Hopes for WrestleMania 28

– John Morrison spoke with The Miami Herald this week. Here are some highlights:

Changes to his character:
“I think the main reason people take me more seriously now is my beard. I think that is the thing that has made the John Morrison character turn the corner and become looked at as a title contender. As someone people see or could see me in the ring with John Cena, The Rock and Steve Austin, even The Miz. I can’t believe I just said that, but The Miz is there. He is the WWE champion. All those guys were or are at the top for a reason. The more serious attitude, the aggression and the anger is something Johnny Nitro never had and John Morrison had been lacking prior to this year. I think I tapped into some very real things as would any method actor would.”

His hopes for WrestleMania 28:
“I love Miami. I’m stoked that we are going there next year. If we are not going to be in Los Angeles, we may as well be in Miami. I love the sun. Next year I hope and expect to be main eventing WrestleMania. I want to come in as WWE champion or world champion or be involved in a WWE championship or world championship match.”

  • Nicholas G

    I don’t care for John Morrison not one bit and it not even about the whole backstage stuff. Because quit frankly none of us on the internet ever really knows what goes on backstage and never will. I mean when was the last time any of you who claim to know what happen backstage ever been backstage in the WWE.

    No the reason why I don’t like Morrison is because he is very boring. I mean did you hear the promo this past Monday night oh was getting put to sleep. If you ask me that is the reason why the Miz has gone so far an Morrison has not. An he is also one of the long list of spot monkey wrestler. Meaning they have a few good hight risk move but nothing special. The Miz at least can do some good wrestling moves an is always looking to improve himself night in and night out. To me the Miz is miles ahead of Morrison. To me the fact that R-Truth got the heel turn this past Monday an not Morrison tells me that WWE is not really high on Morrison an don’t see him as a Main Eventer. He just got to improve himself.

  • 2ratedrko2

    @ In Grind We Trust, please proof read. Yeah, just watched Raw, I stand corrected on my House Show statement. My bad.

  • Kakarotto

    Morrison is Marty Janetty 2.0. He has the look of a main eventer without the beard I must say but his moves are more like a gymnast than a wrestler, He sounds like a boy on the mic rather than a man as in he has no bass to his voice like HBK(most people used to say Morrison is HBK 2.0) or most of the main eventers for that matter and obviously JoMo doesn’t still have any skill in cutting a promo, it is apparent Miz carried him during the dirt sheet days.

  • CM Mark

    Morrison is so clueless.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    @In Grind We Trust

    I don’t hate him, i just can’t take him seriously when he is supposed to be aggressive but cracks a smile at the most random times… Seriously “Grow some chest hair” LOL thanks for the laugh, that’s tellin’ me!

  • rob

    remember gregory helms’ beard? paul london? Chris Masters? just a few examples of beards that got buried.

  • TomC

    Anyone remember Snitsky? Didn’t he have a beard (and yellow teeth)?

  • someone

    Well… Mike Knox is the best example of someone with beard and w/o a push…

  • M.C.

    As the Miz would say…Really, John? Really? The Miz deserves to be on that list, & Cena doesn’t. As far as I know, when rock & Austin left, the torch was never truly passed down until now. Lesnar left, HHH destroyed everyone until 2005. Batista was doing great until his injury. All WWE had was cena. Cena destroyed everyone until The Rock came back & helped miz on his push, in my opinion. Plus, miz the closest we’ll ever get to a new attitude era

  • TomC

    If the WWE actually gave a rat’s ass about the IC Title (like they did back in the Savage/HTM/Warrior days), then Morrison could be as great an IC title holder as ANY of the aforementioned. Not sold on his being a Heavyweight Title holder – but a kick ass IC Title Holder (if it actually MEANT something anymore), for sure.

  • jackson

    That’s actually very different, Goku. Trunks are fundamental to wrestling. A beard is a bunch of hair follicles.

    And You Sure Do Start A Lot Of Sentences.

  • Goku

    I Know What He Means And Everybody Does Too, But They Just Want To Hate.
    Without The Beard, He Had The Look Of A Pretty Boy Who Was More Worried About His Looks Than Anything Else. With The Beard, You Get The Image Of The Guy Who Doesn’t Care Too Much For What He Looks Like. Also, Guys With Beards Have Tough Reputations Or Image, Like Chuck Norris.
    This Is The Same As When The Miz Said That People Started Taking Him More Seriously Because He Stopped Using Shorts And Began Using Trunks. Same Shit But Nobody Hated On Him For Saying That.

  • U ain’t awesome

    I’m a morrison fan, but for him 2 say that its because of his beard is ridiculous. I think if ur not liked by either orton, cena or triple h u ain’t gonna go very far. Maybe he should melina in 2 sleep wit all 3 of them, anyways hes damn good wrestler and I feel he should get title shots and maybe a couple title held. I mean if the miz can get a title run then anybody can.

  • rob

    the beard?.. jomo sounds like a kid in puberty growing out his first mustache.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    I think Sammo was makin a joke. A joke that made me lol. I think Sammo’s point is to say that a main event push is now possible because u grew hair on ur fair is extremely dumb. that means that people like Shelton, Christian, Ken Kennedy, Etc should have grown a beard an WWE would have made the world champion instead of just talkin bout it. Morrison is a fav of mine but has been losin brownie points. Miz is champ because he stepped up his game in every way. His look, his dress, his mic skills and he gained his a decent moveset not to mention he made the lower card belts look good while he had them. Morrison needs to take notes.

  • In Grind We Crust

    also “Until he starts repecting the WWE greats, he won’t even main event a House Show” I believe he already has, smart shit.

  • In Grind We Crust

    the reasons that some people hate on Morrison are ridiculous. “Until he starts repecting the WWE greats, he won’t even main event a House Show. He’s still upset that Mileena wasn’t on his team at Wrestlemania, what is he 4 years old? Plus she was a heel and wouldn’t of fit on his team anyway. Your a piece of shit Morrison.” get fucked dude, you don’t even know if that’s why he cold shouldered Trish and who the fuck cares anyway? it happened. get over it. Bitching and whining aren’t gonna make Wrestlemania happen again JUST so John Morrison and give Trish Stratus a bro hug. “People take him serious? I for one cannot, with the stupid smile he has one moment and gone the next only to return a few moves later…” what the fuck does that even mean? you hate him because he smiles?!?!! Grow some chest hair dude, that’s retarded.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    People take him serious? I for one cannot, with the stupid smile he has one moment and gone the next only to return a few moves later…

  • Evil Doink

    I thought Kennedy also failed a drug test…

  • erik

    @jay does hbk at 6ft1 225 pounds look tough act tough and moves are tough? The answer is no and hbk was in same shape as morrison same highflying moves and went on to be on of best wwe main eventers of all time.

  • TomC

    I’ve always liked John Morrison. (Kinda liked the name “Johnny Nitro” better). But the guy has been in peak physical condition from day one, and his in-ring skills have always been top-notch. His mic skills seemed to have dwindled since he was partners with Miz. He doesn’t seem to take “character development” seriously these days … perhaps THAT’S what’s holding him back.

  • Sammo


    No, it was because he didn’t have a beard. Didn’t you read what John Morrison said?

  • Jay

    this is one thing i’ve always agreed with Vince McMahon about. JoMo is a gymnast and very well-conditioned. Despite that, he is also a bitch. He doesn’t look tough, act tough, sound tough, and his moves look like they have the sting of a butterfly.

  • The Great One

    @Rusty, Kennedy was and is still awesome, his mic skills are better than anybody in WWE today, the reason he never made it was because orton was a bitch

  • Seth

    Yeah people didn’t take you seriously because you didn’t have a beard. That’s it. Wow, maybe people didn’t take you serious because you’ve always said crap like that, and we are just now hearing it.

  • 2ratedrko2

    He will not main event Wrestlemania, Cena and The Rock already are. Until he starts repecting the WWE greats, he won’t even main event a House Show. He’s still upset that Mileena wasn’t on his team at Wrestlemania, what is he 4 years old? Plus she was a heel and wouldn’t of fit on his team anyway. Your a piece of shit Morrison.

  • Sammo

    This finally explains why Mr Kennedy was never able to establish himself as a main eventer in WWE… He didn’t have a beard.

  • Dirt Devil

    Beard = Melina stinky saver = keep wrestlers out of your face

  • Wowzer

    Let the Hating on Morrison begin