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Jose Canseco and Riddick Bowe Trying to Get Into TNA Wrestling?

– Former Major League Baseball player José Canseco expressed on Twitter that he is trying to get the attention of TNA President Dixie Carter, while chatting it up with Riddick Bowe on Twitter. Bowe reportedly is trying to get into professional wrestling as well.

Riddick sent the following message to Canseco and Robbie E on Twitter yesterday:

“@RobbieEImpact what’s up partner. Being we have same manager. How do I become a bro and your tag team partner. U need a tough guy partner”

Canseco replied back with the following:

“@RobbieEImpact what’s up bro. When u coming to Vegas. Ask @TNADixie to get me in tna. I will be your bodyguard”

  • ssadasd

    Maybe they could also get rid of Buh Buh Ray, Angle and Sting to sign up Charlie Sheen, Roseanne Arnold, and maybe Eugene.

  • ssadasd

    Dixie 2016!

  • Stumpy

    They’re letting talent go to bring in people with none. That’s an excellent business model. Sounds to me like Dixie Carter is trying for a political appointment.

  • ddfindl

    On top of Quinton and Tito? Add another non-wrestling drain on the company… -__-

  • Daniel Schein

    Good Lord just what TNA needs right now, a 46 year old former boxer, and an old Baseball player most known for being a roid freak to manage an undercard bit player. I guess they should just just go ahead and let AJ and Anderson go so they have the funds to make this dream come true……Ugh Ugh Ugh