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JR Blog: Chris Benoit Questions and His Son Getting Into Wrestling, Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on Here are some highlights:

Chris Benoit questions: Funny how Chris Benoit questions to me run in spurts. I haven’t changed my take on the Benoit into the WWE HOF quandary. Chris doesn’t belong there. End of story. If inducted, it would all be about the last few, horrific hours of Chris’ life and that would not be fair for the family’s that were affected, the other inductees, or the fans. For those fans who loved Chris’ in ring work, and I consider myself one of those, then watch him on You Tube, etc and call it a day. I do not speak for WWE on any topic but I’d be surprised to see Chris any more prominent on WWE content in the future than he is now.

Chris Benoit’s son getting into professional wrestling: As for Chris’s son wanting to get in the pro wrestling business, I have mixed emotions. My gut says stay away, learn a trade, get educated and lead a normal, productive life. One the other hand, I’m not big on telling anyone to not attempt to live their dreams just as I did.

Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania: I look for Lesnar to play a major role in WM30 in New Orleans but in order to max out Brock’s box office appeal his TV persona really needs structured attention and to get ‘hot’ before April. Not overexposed….just get the Hereford Bull hot.

  • millerj265

    Exactly! I honestly do not give a crap that he was an amazing in ring performer, which he was, in fact his match with Kurt Angle for the wwe title at the 03 royal rumble is still to this day my favorite wwe title match of all time. But the personal joy I get from that match is meaningless in comparison to the atrocious acts he committed in the final days of his life, and while its true that nobody will ever truly know the exact circumstances, or what was happening in the mind of chris during those tragic final days, there is one thing that we all know, and it can not be denied, and that is Chris Benoit murdered his wife, his son, and then took his own life, that happened, it cant be danced around, or maid to seem less horrific by saying his wrestling career is separate from his personal life and should be viewed as such, because its not, and it nvr will be, because when you do the things he did then it doesn’t matter what else you did in life, it is all going to be linked to the horrific way his life ended, and it ended as a murderer, and the wwe nor any other organization on this planet is going to honor the memory or career of a murderer.

  • Scooter

    Why do we make excuses for people?

    Okay yes Benoit was pretty fucked up but he still had it in him to do what he did.
    Lets stop humanizing and glamourizing monsters.

    Yeah he was a great worker, but his final actions will always outweight that.

  • Greg

    Wwe will never hire daniel benoit. They will never say the benoit name on wwe tv again. They wont even risk giving him a new name bc they wont risk fans chanting his real name

  • Kristopher Robinson

    IMO Chris Benoit’s son is kind of screwed, in the means of the WWE or really somewhere very established. I was a huge Chris Benoit fan, but I have to agree with JR that people need to let it go.