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JR Blog: Tebow In WWE, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, NXT’s Enzo Amore

Jim Ross is back with a new blog on Here are some highlights:

– My idea that Tim Tebow might find success in WWE apparently struck a chord with some media types. It’s not the worst idea I’ve ever spewed. Tebow is young, 25, big and athletic, enjoys working with charitable organizations ala Make a Wish Foundation, etc and is coachable. Tim could be a positive role model in the ring and touch lives around the world via the WWE’s global footprint. (Of course, being a positive role model in the ring in today’s world often times means getting booed out of the building.)

Is Tebow to WWE a long shot? Absolutely. I doubt, but don’t know, that it’s ever been seriously discussed within the WWE. But it’s certainly an intriguing idea if for nothing else for a well constructed, long term storyline that could culminate at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans.

– From the feedback that we are getting here on this site and via Twitter @JRsBBQ, it seems that more fans are most interested in @TripleH vs. @BrockLesnar inside the steel cage match than any other bout on the card. BTW…this is a very unscientific assumption. The ‘rubber match’ between the two, physical individuals is intriguing and tonight should be a pivotal in the build to that major issue on WWE’s next pay per view.

– Keep an eye on Enzo Amore in NXT as he made a great, first impression on yours truly last Thursday night at the NXT taping at Full Sail. Significant, verbal upside. Not that familiar with his in ring work yet.

  • ima_uzer2

    Tebow vs Taker! WM 30!

    I’m kidding.

  • JK Thunder

    Let’s be completely honest. In all fairness to Tebow, that is not what the WWE needs…another Cena.

  • Timothy Davis

    I actually think thats a great idea and Im not a Tebow fan but his work ethic and build and attitude would translate well.