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JR Blog: Thoughts and Predictions for the Royal Rumble

– Jim Ross has a new blog up on with Royal Rumble thoughts. Here are some highlights:

Daniel Bryan retains the World Title by hook or crook. Seems as if the resourceful Bryan is changing his TV persona and will use his new found craftiness to escape St. Louis still the WHC. Pick: Bryan.

Kane vs. John Cena is a tough one for me to predict. I’m going with Kane unless John Cena manifests another level of rage and aggression that we have not seen from WWE’s most polorizing athlete. Pick: Kane.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler has ‘show stealer’ written all over it which puts additional pressure on both athletes. Adding a special referee to the equation, John Laurninaitis, has to be factored into the mix. Can Punk overcome the odds to prevail or has Ziggler’s time arrived? Punk is WWE’s ‘hottest,’ new star but that doesn’t mean that he can’t lose. I see Punk retaining in a stem winder but would not be shocked to see Ziggler leave the Rumble as the WWE Champion. My pick: Punk but I’m not overwhelmed with that selection.

Royal Rumble Match is the most difficult bout to predict all year in WWE. The order of entry, the surprise entrants, and the fact that the men in previous bouts including challengers and ex-champs can enter the Rumble is a bona fide wild card.

I do think that someone will get on a roll and distinguish themselves at some point within the Rumble match. A Brodus Clay sequence could be in order especially considering that most battle royal-like scenarios often times favor the larger men even though being the biggest dog in the fight doesn’t guarantee victory.

The most likely winners include Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Wade Barrett or someone completely off the radar at this time. I picked Orton a week or so ago and will stick with that pick even though I’d not bet any JR’s BBQ Sauce on that ’guess.’

  • JD

    The only way I could see Jericho actually losing is if he eliminates himself which wouldn’t make much sense. Otherwise to me he’s the clear winner 100%. Why bother with these weeks of not talking to just have him lose his first official match back?

  • Graham

    ziggler to lose against punk and win royal rumble, unless the match is after rumble I can never remember.

  • me

    hes spot on though, jericho orton barrett and sheamus will most likely be the final four.

  • Jason

    @ Venom

    Doubt Sheamus will win. Also JR said he WOULDN’T bet his BBQ sauce so he wont be losing any. That being said however I’d much rather see Sheamus win before Borton though.

  • Dwaead

    I’m picking John Cena or The Rock (surprise entrant) to win the Rumble.

  • Second City Saints

    Wade Barrett will win

  • venom

    JR, looks like you are going to be losing your bbq sauce. Sheamus will be the winner.