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J.R. On Undertaker’s Wrestling Future, Whether Batista Will Return, Chris Benoit

Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his official website with numerous answers to fan questions. He gives his take on The Undertaker’s wrestling future, the status of Air Boom following Evan Bourne’s thirty-day suspension, whether Batista will return to WWE, and more.

Q: Hey JR, With Evan Bourne’s current suspension, do you feel that this may affect the Tag titles & Air boom’s status as a tag team, knowing there’s a ppv coming up or do you think they may not even have the titles defended at Survivor Series?

A: Won’t do them any favors. Not good…disappointing.

Q: Is the Undertaker a part time Wrestlemania preformer or is there a chance we will see him on a semi-regular basis?

A: What I love about Taker is his unpredictability. I see Taker back at WM28 w/o question. After that, I don’t know.

Q: To me the big money match WWE has had for the past few years is Undertaker vs John Cena at WrestleMania. Will it ever happen now and why hasn’t it happened yet?

A: Hard to predict. I’d say less than 50/50.

Q: Do you think that Dave Batista will come back?? because he is my favorite WWE superstar 🙂 but please let him to come back if you can thanks you.

A: I’d never say never on Batista but I’d be shocked if he attempted to come back and compete as a full time wrestler.

Q: Do you think the Chris Benoit we enjoyed watching wrestle and who we knew as one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation will ever have any of his matches shown again, for example on the WWE On demand site?

A: I’d be shocked to see Benoit’s career have much exposure on any platform going forward.

  • Yep

    Benoit was a great technical and mat wrestler he wasnt close to shawn or austin because its not about wrestling ability its about cutting promos and exciting entrances. Benoit was a true great what he did though shameful should not keep him out of the record books, out of the hall of fame or off classic wwe programing. People do horrible things but the good left undone should not be overshadowed. Benoit will always be one of the few guys ill ever call a wrestler and not an superstar. Hell watch the raw after he died, they loved him. I bet all the superstars still consider him a legend and wish they were half of the wrestler he was.

  • Matt


    its not the number of moves that count, but the type of moves and how you apply them that matters.

    Diving headbutt= Does more damage to the wrestler doing it than it does to the person who receives it. whats the psychology in this?

    chops= why the hell would you chop someone instead of punching him?

    german suplex: ok that is a good move, but doing it 3 times in a row doesnt compensate for the lack of other good moves.

    Sharpshooter and crossface= anybody can apply a submission move, even children or my grandmother.

  • venom

    Maybe we’ll see Beniot comeback with an Undertaker gimmick. Why does JR do these interviews and never answers the questions. His answers are always maybe, not to my knowledge, and never say never. They might as well get Tajri to answer these questions.

  • wrenfu

    Shawn Michaels was the greatest wrestler ever in the wwe. You cannot compare benoit to hbk. HBK made wrestlemania what it is today.

  • donners


    so what makes a great wrestler in your opinion? judging by what you’ve said so far, they have to be ‘the man of 1004 holds’ (copyright chris jericho), right?

    the rock’s got about 4 moves, so has cena and as did bret hart. hogan had 2, same as steve austin (stunner and the thesz press). just because you have a set move list doesn’t determine whether you are a poor, good or great wrestler.

    benoit was a truly gifted performer in the ring, to think anything less is just your opinion and doesn’t really keep with what a lot of others think.

    and now that i’m thinking about it, shawn michaels technically only used 2 moves throughout his career – elbow drop and sweet chin music – so his move-set was as limited as it gets…… think he was overrated too?

  • Matt


    Just because he had a couple of good matches here and there doesn’t make him a great wrestler. The guy had a shitty moveset.

  • TS93

    ironcross he was cremated so ur screwed

  • Peep this

    Who in there right fucking mind would even ask about Benoit to Jr.? Second all that man accomplished prior does not mean jack shit. Remind you his wife, his son and then himself. That’s all that need be said

  • stockshark

    Chris Beniot can slow burn for all of eternity! Woman had a great career also she is the one that deserves to be honered not him I loved when Ric Flair would walk out with Woman and say Woman oh Woman wont ya marry me Woman WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • ironcross

    want* not was, where is his grave?

  • Ben

    @Matt im sorry buddy but i couldnt disagree more about Benoit. His matches with Kurt are above awesome and thats just the first that comes to mind. In just in terms of wrestling he was very very good if not great.

  • ironcross

    Benoit shit all over his own legacy he only has himself to blame, a grown man makes his own descions, no one can think for him, i was to go shit on his grave now

  • John

    @Rabid, you are just biased as a wrestling fan.

    Benoit killing his family and himself wasn’t even on par with any other athlete doing the same. Benoit was a WWE champion who murdered his wife and son because of the effects of the sport. If WWE ever gave him any positive light, they’d be seen as glorifying a definite murderer.

    He was a great wrestler, but you cannot separate his murder from his career. It was who he really was.

  • Matt

    Benoit was overated. All he did was thousands of chops, thousands of german suplexes, two submission moves (that anybody without any training can do), a diving headbutt (whats the psychology in this?). He was a mediocre wrestler at best. He also had no personality. I never understood why wwe gave him a world title run.

  • rabid

    its a shame about benoit’s work being buried as a result of his final actions.. don’t get me wrong what he did was horrible… but that was the man not the entertainer… the best of seven series he did with booker t was tv gold

  • M-Cole

    JR, work on your commentary, ~ Michael Cole.

    Ps. Someone in this site message him this. He won’t take my calls because I called him out on Live Television