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JR’s BBQ Business Booming, Former WWE Diva Up for PETA Award, More

– Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez is in the running for PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door award. You can vote for her at this link.

– Brock Lesnar is on the cover of the new Muscle & Fitness magazine.

– There are already plans for a sixth Fast and Furious movie, which will likely see The Rock return to the franchise.

– Jim Ross’ BBQ sauce business seems to be doing well since WWE’s shop website started carrying the products as Ross noted on Twitter this week that their online business is up almost 200% from last year. WWE’s shop website takes domestic and international orders from fans and then places the order with JR. JR noted that they just received their biggest order ever from WWE’s shop website.

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  • Elizabeith

    wwe stop focusing on cole and start putting your attention to Mason Ryan and the rest of the young wrestlers as well as the older entertainers, no one want to or pay to listen or see Micheal Cole.

  • The somebody

    You maybe im confused here but didnt jr retire, quit or get fired? Whats up with him back on TV? Dont get me wrong he and jerry did great commentary. But lately thing are even more screwed up on this shown. Cole as much as I cant stand him actually someday add something to the other than boring show.

  • venom

    Cole should be banned from Raw if his team loses. That would be cool.

  • T1918

    @The Man
    I thought it was an interesting concept @ first. But you are correct, they spend waaaay too much time on people that we already know & not enough time on people that may give a chance for a surprise & make us clap @ there accomplishments.
    Commentators are commentators. Wrestlers are wrestlers. & we are fans wanting to see a great mixture of both, but you cant have this mixture with Cole lol. So… make him ship out merchandise or something ;p

  • Simon

    Erm, they did that in the past rememebr? Besides, Cole is on both shows, so, seperating them would make little sense, since then he can get at them individually…. COle getting at people, my god wwe, do you realise what you just made me say? michal Cole getting people? thats like saying a shark should be afraid of a salmon…

  • The Man

    Good for jr but i think the only reason he still in wwe is because of profits with his bbq sauce cause its obivously he dosent like wrestling and all the other extreme crap wwe wants him to do. why cant he just commentate i mean he is a lengendary comentater not wrestler. beside this storyline has gone on for to long hopefully in the draft cole lawler and ross is sperated cause this is just stupid shit i cant even enjoy a match without them bickering like old fools. if wwe would build up young talent like mcntyire barret and rhodes and del rio how they build up cole we wouldnt have this problem now will we