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Karen Jarrett Reportedly Subject Of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against TNA

The Honky Tonk Man claimed on his weekly podcast on Monday (audio available at that Karen Jarrett (formerly Angle) is the alleged victim of a sexual harassment lawsuit against TNA Wrestling.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion says Karen was sexually harassed by TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter’s husband Serge Salinas.

He says a settlement was reached and that “part of the deal” involved Karen being given her job back with TNA Wrestling. He claims Carter was removed from television earlier this year due to the lawsuit.

The Honky Tonk Man tweeted Monday: “Anyone who missed HTM’s announcement on TNA tonight. Karen Angle vs Dixie Carter’s husband is the sexual harassment lawsuit going down! That’s why Dixie is off TV and Karen is now back with the company as part of the settlement.”

  • theviewtvshow

    how do you infected cocksuckers know he is full of crap, as of late everything he has said has been true, maybe you fluffers could get a day job

  • Sexton Hardcastle


    Damn you! I dont like thinking that hard when I first wake up! I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

    I aint sayin… I’m just sayin…

  • venom

    Why does HTM thinks he knows everything? I can tell Warrior dropped him on his head during their matches. Who is more annoying? Hogan or HTM?

  • keylo

    Sad how old washed up nobodies come out with crap just to keep their name in the press

  • Valo487

    I don’t buy this at all.

  • CC

    Quite frankly this is like every other HTM statement about TNA, pure crap. How the fuck does someone like him know so much about the inner workings of TNA? The answer is that he doesnt.
    If Karen Angle was the one suing, then why has this news only just come to light seeing as she got her job back ages ago? Also, if Serge was the target of the case, wouldnt she be suing Panda Energy, and not TNA?

    On top of this, if Karen was indeed suing TNA then she would also be suing her own husband seeing as he is a part owner of TNA.

  • cam

    honkey tonkey man is full of crap 😛

  • Will Henderson

    we need to put a disclaimer for all things that are said by Honky Tonk Man.

  • jushin liger

    WOW Callum You must really be proud of yourself Overposting /spamming a Wrestling news site.LMAO sooooo Lame!!!!!!

  • Nick

    How reliable is the honky tonk man he sure does have a hardon against tna hes always preaching he about major tna stars jumpin to wwe and so far notta plus serge seems more like the type that would sexualy harrass another guy not a girl maybe awsome kong but not karen whatever her last name is now. and if he did he picked the wrong tna girl to offer free mustache rides to.

  • Eric Nixon

    Are Hulk Hogan and The Honky Tonk Man in a contest to see who can loose the most credibility in the least amount of time?

  • Chryogenos

    Callum… SHUT UP!