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Kelly Kelly Granted “Time Off” By WWE Officials, Belief She May Not Return

Numerous sources within WWE say Kelly Kelly has been granted “time off” by organization officials. She has been on the road full time since her 2006 debut and requested the break to recharge her batteries.

“She’s been here since she was a kid,” said a company source. “She had been pushing for time away to spend with her family and her boyfriend. Six years for someone of her age is a lifetime. She needed a break.”

Many of her colleagues don’t believe Kelly’s returning anytime soon, if at all, since she has begun promoting her alternative stage name (Barbie Blank) and is currently accepting requests for appearances and endorsements outside of WWE. She added the following information to her Twitter account over the weekend: “Barbie Blank/Kelly Kelly, WWE Diva, MAXIM Cover Girl and 100 Hottest Women. For full appearances/endorsements please contact Heidi at”

Kelly last competed on television on the May 21 Raw SuperShow, losing to Beth Phoenix. She last wrestled on May 26 in Quito, Ecuador.


  • grizz

    I say good riddance Bimbo Bimbo, I hope you never come back!

  • Joe

    “Alternative stage name”

    aka her REAL name

    Barbara Jean Blank, Barbie for short. Good reporting.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    @Monty…It is her real name, Would anybody miss her really?


    Barbie Blanks wrestling techniques would make me blank out so i guess the name suits her

  • Monty

    Barbie Blank is a stupid stage name.

  • mabry

    so what does she exactly take requests for??, am siriously asking, dont start saying stuff like shes a “hooker” or “striper” or anithing like that…

  • voice of reason

    if the woman wants a break then whats the problem i bet everyone here who works full time appreciates a holiday at the end of the year.

  • TypicalWEdgeTroll

    Leave and never come back Kelly.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    every time i hear kelly kellys name i think of a comment left on here around a year ago…
    it read, and i quote, “kelly kelly is so hot and fresh that her farts smell like fresh baked bread”

  • poko

    Interesting. According to 1919dpg, Chris Jericho is a woman.

  • kitkrock


  • Shanehneh


    Since when is six years every couple of years? Read the article before commenting next time.

    Besides, isregarding injuries, since their male counterparts are far from immune to those, what top divas even took breaks every couple of years? Most of the top divas who actually wrestle as well as the eye candy types stay around for at least 4-5 years with some even being active as long as 7 years.

    Your comment wasn’t very well thought out at all.

  • what?

    @r8ted wrx let’s see you be on the road none stop for 6 years i bet you wouldn’t last 6 months .hell i couldn’t do it

  • chronoxiong

    Who’s her boyfriend?

  • 1919dpg

    how is it male wrestlers can work for decades full time and the women need to take breaks every couple of years.

    fuck these barbie doll bitches.

  • SYM

    Can I get a “YES!” chant started?

  • r8ted wrx

    Don’t blame the ladies for wanting to leave. Even though they are not the best performers as we saw with Trish, Lita and so on. They still get in the ring and take bumps and the travel does end up getting to people who aren’t on TV and don’t really get the pushes they think they deserve. It would be taxing on most people. If they leave then good luck to them and if they stay I hope they do well and continue to improve.

  • Mark

    nothing wrong with taking a break, Im sure she will return at some point lol

  • SusyRko

    I miss the Bella twins already

  • pulgeezy

    can’t say i’ll miss her much.