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Kelly Kelly Injured?, Possible Changes for Otunga, Batista’s Movie

– The Man With The Iron Fists starring former WWE star Batista was estimated to open at #3 on Friday and finish the weekend at #4. Official numbers should be available later this morning. The movie was being estimated to draw $3 million on Friday with a projected weekend total of $8.5 million.

Batista thanked fans via Twitter and teased a sequel:

“Thanks for all the love and support for #IronFists keep on supporting thru the weekend so we can start the sequel! #BrassBody”

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly went in for a MRI on her neck yesterday. She tweeted:

“Getting MRI on my neck #damnyoustinkfaces”

– There has been talk about re-packaging David Otunga.

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  • Wayne

    Otunga just too damn stiff! He needs to be a kick ass instead of kissing other superstars ass.

  • Lord KGM

    Otunga is Next! Get over it, they have extremely misused him and niw they will reproduced their most effective weapon! Good job WWE

  • Turn Off The Dark

    Yeahh, honestly I’m not sure why they don’t push Otunga more. He’s got some things to work on like everyone else. But he’s DEFINITELY got the body, personality and look. And not bad on the mic. I don’t know why they have him job…

  • King

    how about they pack him up & ship him the fuck out of the WWE already..hes brutal…i cant stand that motherfucker… case closed

  • Little Jimmy

    Otunga is never going to a world champion or A main player in WWE so I think a comedy route is one option for him. He Has the body GIVEN but he has about as much personality as a box of Moldy Vegetables.

  • Bob

    either they are greatly miss using and under selling otunga or he inflates himself with an air compressor backstage before he comes out cause quite honestly he is the strongest whimpy wuss i have ever seen in the ring before…..cant believe a guy thats as big as he is sucks….i mean yea sure its all scripted backstage but who did he piss off to lose so much….i thought the buff guys win….

  • Zedd

    I hope the repackaging means LESS baby oil

  • xXx

    bring back chris masters so they can tagteam

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    By repackage hopefully they mean release

  • My Morning Jacket

    … many inappropriate jokes can be made regarding her neck injury. How many guys, or even girls, did she mess with in the WWE?

  • Matt

    they can package him into a crate and ship him off to the dump for all I care.

  • xXx

    k2’s neck god snapped by a stinkface? who did it karma?

  • Jimbo

    Well Otunga is pretty much a create-a-wrestler, so just delete him and give him better moves.