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Kendra Lust, who was rumored to have been having an affair with John Cena, recently spoke with Wrestling Soup.

During the interview, Kendra reveals that she first heard about the rumor after a handful of people started sending her tweets. Kendra said that she isn’t the type of person that would disrespect marriages, and that she in no way slept with Cena. Kendra also made it clear that no WWE representatives have contacted her in reference to shutting down her Twitter account because of the “scandal.”

While Kendra says she has never met John Cena in person, she would have a sexual relationship with Cena if he were to pursue her.

  • Sean Kaboni

    the part about there being more the one title is true. my proof? anyone that has been to or is planning on going to a house show….look at the back of the WHC. on Raw it’s red. when i went to a show and sheamus was the champ facing ADR, the back of the title was black. and just looking at the front you could tell it was a knock off

  • Sean Kaboni

    whats funny….is if it didnt happen…why is she still talking about it….LOL

  • CC

    you do know the point of a replica is that it looks identical to the real deal? if it didnt, then it wouldnt be a replica.


    Who cares who he cheated on his wife with……billy down the street did the same thing yesterday…. And when u win the title u get the title have never seen the rock do an interview from his house he has the WWE championship the undisputed championship and world heavy weight championship and intercontinental championship each championship he won he gets one belt to take home not everytime he wins. Since he won this version of the wwe championship he will get that one to take home. Watch a dvd or something Jesus every superstar that has won a title has them on display. Pay attention.

  • Timmy Bray

    They have belts for tv that the production team keeps and a second set for the wrestlers to carry around, for house shows etc

  • Pat

    i can imagine that back then they did let them keep them, god only knows why. but i doubt they would let them now, it just would be bad business if they got lost of stolen or whatever, i could be wrong i know vince has the cash to buy them a dime a dozen but who knows, or cares personally, what he does in his own private place or whatever is his business, she does have a nice butt tho

  • Scooter

    And in fairness I don’t think Cena would stupid enough to let her put pictures of the belt online if he was cheating on his wife.

  • Scooter

    So in short nothing happened but Cena can sleep with a pornstar if he wants to now. Talk about a bad situation turning out for the better.

  • Scooter

    Allegedly it was smaller and part the name plate was chipped on the one she was holding if thats the case its a replica.

  • CerealSpilller

    No offense bud, but if that is the case then what was the Montreal Screwjob all about? Also have you heard of Madusa?

  • CerealSpilller

    No offense bud, but if that is the case then what the hell was the Montreal Screwjob about? Also have you ever heard of Madusa?

  • Pat

    you do know they dont actually let performer’s take the real belts home right?

  • CerealSpilller

    How did she end up with the WWE title around her waste then? The title in those pics did not look like a replica.

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