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Kevin Nash Comments on His WWE Return, WWE Stars Trend on Twitter

– Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Nash, Booker T, The Miz, Kelly Kelly, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and others were all trending worldwide on Twitter last night during the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– Kevin Nash wrote the following on Twitter just now regarding his return to WWE last night:

“Absolutely the best night of my wrestling career. It’s so nice to be back in WWE family. Thanks Boston for making me feel so special.”

  • andre lewis

    they talk about nash because its been a while since he was seen in front of 10,000 plus ppl in tna they wrestle in front of 200 ppl and i disagree wrestlings suffering because wwe pushes the same ppl and pushes one new face every onnce in a while tna mixes it up they try at least in wwe all they care about is cena and that pisses many ppl off we are sick of cena what about morrison christian or evan bourne thats why the business is hurt

  • mj

    ppl dn’t care about werstlers they only care about wwe! ppl complained about nash being in tna but ever since he returned lat night thats all ppl want to talk about this is why wrestling is suffering so much!

  • andre lewis

    hahahaha rey isnt a jobber but he shouldnt get pushed so hard either when eddie guerrero was on sd rey was nowhere near what he is now nowhere now hes championship material crap

  • me

    i agree mysterio is way past his prime and does as many moves in the ring these days as cena, that mexican midget should be jobbing to people like kanr not the other way around.

  • JD

    It’s amazing how Nash gets bashed all the time for being lazy yet last night was probably one of the better performances he put on in a while. It probably helps to be in an organization that he actually cares about.

  • shawn

    @andre lewis i like your comments whether i agree or not. but use periods so ill know the sentence has been typed. even though i get points while reading em, i over do it at the end of each!

  • andre lewis

    agreed denz i agree rey sux now in wcw he ruled ever since late 05 06 rey has been getting soft ever since eddie passed theyve given him this role of immo live through you eddie thats good for a few weeks but the only reason mysterio won the world strap was cause of eddies death come on now you believe rey would of been champion had eddie lived hell no and also morrison is too much of a gimmick to be tooken serious hes not hbk he should of stuck to the doors gimmick that was badass he looks like jim morrison so much but now hes hbk 2.0 i say he should drop the mnm look period even when he was a heel as morrison he still rocked the same mnm look whats the difference between johnny nitro and john morrison from a gimmicck perspective nitro was a wannabe celebrtity morrison is suppose to be a pschedelic 60s rocker but both had the same look different hair but whatever but thats my take on this matter and it was an honor to see booker and nash back i marked out whe i saw it on youtube wwe blocked the videos a few moments ago though glad i saw it lol

  • Denz

    I hate mysterio. He eliminated KANE! Somehow Vince thinks that a guy like Mysterio can beat Kane, but Morrison can’t beat anyone.

  • k91xxx

    nash is king!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • speed_demon

    The Boston crowd were so hyped to see Kevin Nash. They even boo’d Mysterio when he delivered the 619 with the assist from Barrett, even though Mysterio is a big crowd favourite.

  • bloodstone

    it’s great to have nash back where he belongs . doubt he will do much wrestling he ll be enforcer or something like that