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Kevin Nash Pulls Out Of Weekend Appearances, WWE Champion Films Movie

— Like Booker T, Kevin Nash was also scheduled to appear at this weekend’s New Orleans Comic Con, but pulled out. A convention attendee noted that personnel announced: “Kevin Nash never made it to the building. Sorry, guys.” Many in the estimated crowd of 100 fans were said to be very disappointed.

— WWE Champion Edge was in Los Angeles this weekend to film retakes for his upcoming WWE Studios film. He stayed at the hotel WrestleReunion convention attendees stayed at and was spotted at yesterday’s Ring of Honor event.

— WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler wrestled longtime rival Bill Dundee tonight at TNA Wrestling’s original stomping grounds, the Nashville Fairgrounds. Dutch Mantel was the special guest referee.


  • lazlo woodbine

    Lawler and Dundee for the rumble, Bob Backlund to win.

  • CC

    Jesus, would 100 attendees even pay for the likes of Booker and Nash to appear? Wouldnt be surprised if the organisers cancelled to save themselves being financially ruined.

  • rick

    Kevin Nash in wwe is gonna get real old, real quick. Hopefully it’s just a one night deal.

  • The King

    hey if i was asked or offered or both to return or come to WWE i go in a NY Minute..i dont blame both booker & Kevin…they both belong back home in WWE

  • Daniel Interlandi

    This happens every year, I’m sure the WWE paid them double what they would have made just to no show and raise suspicions

  • Chris

    All 100 of them???

  • mj

    wow! way to disappoint your fans!