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Kevin Nash Says Scott Hall Is In Bad Shape

– Kevin Nash has updated his blog on with an update on the heath of his longtime friend, Scott Hall. We wish there was better news to report here .. According to Nash, Scott Hall is going through a very dark period, one of his worst ever. Nash explains that Scott’s problems are a lot deeper than substance abuse and asks people to see Hall as a human being like all of us, with feelings and problems that might ultimately take him down for good.

Here’s part of what Nash wrote:

“Over the last few weeks, since the horrifying New England appearance of Scott Hall, my Twitter page has blown up with plea’s to help Scott. First of all, nobody has to ASK me to help Scott Hall. I consider Scott like a brother. He’s much more than a friend. I have spent more time with Scott Hall in the last 18 years than I have with my wife in the 23 years we’ve been married. We have no secrets between each other. This is ‘real life’. Nobody knows what Scott has gone thru since early childhood to what he has gone thru up unto this point, except for me. I can tell you Scott Hall has neither a drug or alcohol addiction, Scott’s problem is he suffer’s from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Drugs and alcohol aren’t the problem, to Scott they are the solution. He is a fragile and broken human being, not a race horse that you take a whip to to perform. Scott Hall is in bad shape and each time I talk to him I feel it may be the last. It’s gotten to the point where I save his voice mails, much like I would’ve saved Andrew’s (Test), because I knew sometimes when I heard his message it could be the last. The media will want to blame wrestling when Scott passes. Scott was broken way before he broke into the ring for the first time.”

  • KitKrock

    I hope he croacks next year.
    He isn’t on my wrestler deathpool list this year & I want my 100bucks.

  • Jeff Miles

    Honestly? He’s always been a jerk, trying to be his character. Personally, I feel he is a seriously damaged person, who was always insulated by his so called friends (you know who you are) from reality. Sometimes people just need to hit bottom. I’m not sure if thiis it for Hall.

  • Steve

    Maybe if Nash, Walman, Hunter and Shawn have an intervention, then Scott will listen. They are his closest friends and, it would seem, family. Hell, throw in Vince as well. Maybe they can get through to him. Lots of people have problems. Some never get better. A lot do. Scott Hall has people who give a damn about him, that’s more than most people do. He can be helped, whether he wants it or not. I think it’s time someone puts their foot down and helps him out. Time may be running out.

  • WrestlingObserver from India

    In recent times this is the saddest news I have ever heard.
    Oh God,help him.I believe in kevin Nash and Hall is real serious.
    The man who added so much of a spark in pro wrestling,right from his days in AWA in late 80s to Razor Ramon in WWF to the nWo original,Scott Hall.He was the guy who made me to watch WCW regularly when he went there.
    Even today a broken Scott Hall can attract a thousand fans to an indy promotion.Even at the New ENgland promotion he tried to be the king of promos that he has been.
    God,I hope he recovers and turn into good shape.

  • Hunter

    Scott shouldn’t be a figure of news/humiliation/wise crack etc. Like Jeff Hardy (perhaps for different reasons)- they are unwell. I’m contradicting myself as I like to know how they are, but think they need privacy, and more, to overcome what’s happening.

    Neither will be the same again, and unfortunately probably won’t overcome what’s in front of them. I’m speaking not as a ”boo boy”, but from a guy who has seen similar circumstances affect friend, and from my profession. Here’s hoping though!!!

  • Howe

    NO, he doesn’t need a comeback. Time and time again, trying to return to the ring has been a trigger for these bouts. (The event in New England, the episodes at TNA, the time when he was in the WWE with the NWO) From empirical evidence and what Nash and many others have said, the professional wrestling world is NOT where he needs to be right now with his life in the shambles that is has become and his problems.

    Hall needs to see a doctor and be placed under constant supervision until the root of the problem can be found, a diagnosis can be made, treatment can be given, and Hall resolves the issues that make him turn to drugs and alcohol well enough for medical professionals (anatomical doctors and mental health doctors) to allow him to live on his own.

    But it does seem like he’s battling depression or a depressive disorder. And if this is such, one can only hope that if he can’t find the inner motivation to seek help for himself, he can find the motivation to seek help for the sake of his children.

    At this point, Scott needs to forget about ever trying to lace em up again, focus on his health, concentrate on repairing his family, and find a job behind the scenes or completely away from wrestling. His story does not have to be a sad one.

    God be with Scott Hall…

  • TomC

    In some cases, it’s not about “wanting” help … it’s about finding the lost motivation within to SEEK help and/or, more importantly, HELP YOURSELF. For those who suffer from depressive disorders, finding that inner motivation is about as easy as escaping from a black hole.

    I truly feel for Scott Hall. He had so much going for him. He STILL could have a few decent years left to cap his career – if he could just find a way to manage his inner demons. THIS could be one of those rare cases where prescription meds may actually be a GOOD thing toward helping someone who, though some factors out of his own control, is incapable of helping himself.

    I, for one, am pulling for Scott Hall … I would LOVE to see him pull out of this and stage yet another comeback – even if for a relatively short period.

  • gerg357

    yea david thats a good point.. the sad thing is.. is that razor ramone was as talented as anyone in the wwe in his era.. easily he could have been a shawn michaels or a triple h.. the guy was very talented..

  • gerg357

    god bless scott hall..i hope he can find a way to overcome this and get the help he needs..but comming from nash this sounds really really bad..

  • david said so

    u cant help some1 who doesnt want the help

  • Chris E.

    Man, that is upsetting. Sad to hear Scott is in such rough shape.