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Kevin Nash Talks About Being Part of The Streak, WrestleMania Memories & More

The Baltimore Sun has an interview with Kevin Nash. Here are some highlights.

What he’s been doing since his last WWE run: “I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been making personal appearances as well as doing independent bookings. I’ve been working on a movie project locally with some writers and a production group. It has a good script, and a medium-budget of about $1-to-1.5 million. There’s also a reality show that I’ve been in talks with.

“I also have a legends deal with WWE, so I go in from time-to-time for DVD commentaries, and I sometimes go to developmental (NXT). It gives them an extra set of eyes who doesn’t necessarily get to see the guys as often, and can give them a different perspective.”

WrestleMania memories: “The first Wrestlemania I was involved with was the Michaels/Hall ladder match, when I was Shawn’s bodyguard. I still think that was one of the greatest matches of all time. A year later, me and Shawn were headlining. And then I co-headlined with ‘Taker the next year. I was involved with some great moments in the early-to-mid-90s.”

Being a part of the Undertaker’s streak: “It’s funny because I didn’t believe that there was truly anything special when I wrestled ‘Taker at the time. There was no inkling of a streak or anything. The guys like me that are earlier in the streak are just lucky to be part of the streak. Now it’s such a big thing, and one of the really special things in the business. I really don’t think the streak is ever going to end, and if it was up to me, I wouldn’t ever have it end.”

  • Jason Lentini

    Nash actually gets younger talent over these days so if anything if he had power he’d probably have Fandango interfere but have it backfire and cause him to lose to set up a feed with Fandork and put him over

  • Jason Lentini

    Goldberg and Taker in the same sentence in comparison to anything … Really ? Taker has a passion for the business and for Goldberg it was business for money. I’m personally glad “Soldberg” isnt around. He was Cena before Cena but much less dimensional in terms of everything.

  • Pewp

    Nash would book himself to beat taker by interference from Fandangoo.

  • Jeffrey Bolo Bolden


  • Kristopher Robinson

    Wish he thought the same about Goldberg