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Kids Wish Network Child Meets His Hero John Cena

Thanks to reader Alicia True of for sending in this story and pictures:

Bruce Gets Up Close and Personal with his Hero, John Cena

SUITLAND, Md. – With a little help from Kids Wish Network, 6-year-old Bruce, who suffers from Hemophilia, has his wish to meet WWE Superstar John Cena granted.
There is nothing that could make a child happier than meeting his or her hero, but for a spunky little sports fan named Bruce, his excitement overflowed when he met his hero and was even a celebrity for almost a whole week.
It all started with a conversation between a nurse and Bruce’s mother, Natasha, about Kids Wish Network, an organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

You see, Bruce has Type A Hemophilia. This is an inherited blood disorder that causes a lack of clotting, which leads to severe, almost constant bleeding. Bruce has to deal with breakthrough bleeds for which he is then hospitalized, even though he is on various medications to try to prevent this.
When Natasha called Kids Wish Network, she was surprised to find that they were more than willing to help her little guy. After the initial call, it wasn’t long before Bruce was telling Wish Coordinator Jill all about his wish to meet his favorite WWE Superstar, John Cena.

With the help of Wish Funding Specialist Doris and some outstanding sponsors, Jill organized a wish that would make Bruce feel like the world revolved around him for almost a whole week. Starting with a limo ride to take Bruce to his meeting with John Cena prior to watching a WWE Raw wrestling match, Jill also arranged for Bruce and his family to enjoy seats at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and even dinners at the Hard Rock Café, Houlihan’s and the Beechwood Bistro!

“He had a ball…we all had a ball,” said Natasha of her son’s wish trip. “He really enjoyed it. Everything was fantastic.”

Though Bruce enjoyed the Cardinals game and really had a blast playing 3D Glow Golf in St. Louis, his favorite part of the whole trip was definitely meeting John Cena at the WWE Raw match, though the limo ride was a close second.

“We weren’t expecting that,” said Natasha of the limousine that would take them to the Scottrade Center to bring Bruce face to face with his hero. “He really felt like a celebrity. He didn’t know what to do when he saw the limo…he was jumping all around!”
Once at the Scottrade Center, it was time to meet John Cena.

“When John Cena walked in the room, he [Bruce] was almost hyperventilating,” said Natasha. “He was really nervous at first, but John Cena was very down to Earth. He made Bruce feel comfortable…he gave him a shirt, hat and wristbands. Bruce wore them all night!”
There was nothing more that Bruce could have asked for, but the excitement wasn’t over. After meeting John Cena, it was time to watch him live in the ring. “I don’t think Bruce paid attention to me at all [at the match],” said Natasha. “We were three rows from the ring. It was great for him.”
When it was time for Bruce and his family to pack up and go home, he definitely didn’t want to leave. Of course, now that he’s back home, he won’t stop talking about his meeting with John Cena. He even can’t wait for school to start, just so he can tell everyone about what he got to do in the past week.

“He’ll remember it for the rest of his life,” said Natasha. “It was really a dream come true. It was much more than we ever expected. Thank you.”

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    all hail the hypno-toad!

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    You guys are assholes. Leave the kid alone he’s sick you idiotic bitches. And “me” you racist mofo.

    Cena’s a god guy and God bless the Kid

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    That kid looks like an alien human hybrid! no wonder he’s sick/frail… look at the eyes! no wait, don’t stare directly at the eyes, he’ll prolly have the hypno-toad effect…. 😛

  • Kc

    John Cena say what you will but the man has a heart and cares and loves the people who put him there .If you ever see the man be real not put on a image like your all that but be real and humble and they will be just like waise with you yes there are some out there that think there crap dont stink but alot know that he knows how they got there

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    That kid is black!

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    Cena is a goof! He is a sell out!

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    ATTENTION CENA HATERS!!!!! This is why vince shoves this guy down our necks..bcos the guy is just purely perfect in a messed company like WWE….I wish a cena-hater would make a stupid comment now so that i can SLAP the dust out of his/her mouth

  • Joe

    I give the man props. He does a lot of charity work like this.

  • Ryan

    sure no one wants to say anything on here about Cena and what he has done for this kid. But have no problem saying shit about him