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Former TNA Knockout Christina Von Eerie spoke with Steven Muehlhausen of “The Fight Club Chicago” about how difficult it is to get into WWE.

“Their’s always someone that says you have the skill, maybe their’s someone whose skinner than you, or you have the look, but maybe their’s someone younger than you that has the same look. For me, I have a bunch of tatoos. What if their’s a girl that’s smaller, younger and has no tatoos? It’s really a gamble or a lottery you never have a guaranteed chance. They can look at you and go ‘wow, that person looks completely amazing, awesome!’ and then they see someone the next day that has just a little something extra, that little something. You won’t even be able to name what it is. They just have it. Just the little fine things.

I definitely think that a girl that’s been training hard and working hard for years and years should get her payoff. It’s also up to that girl to be in the best shape possible, look as good as possible, work on your mic skills and I think that girl should get her shot. I don’t think it’s fair if you pick out a model and say, ‘hey, you’re signed.’”

  • CC

    well Lita was hardly a super model, and neither was Shelly Martinez, Serena Deeb, Chyna, Awesome Kong and Buggy Nova .. ok, there has been different levels of success for them, but while the bulk of WWE’s womens division has been model types, they do have a habit of signing quirky looking women as well.

  • scooter

    Christina was never gonna get signed by wwe, Not saying anything against her she’s just not got that supermodel look the wwe go for.

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