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Konnan and Curtis Axel Exchange Words on Twitter After Recent Comments by Konnan

– As seen in recent interview,s former WCW star Konnan had some words to say about WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, calling him boring and “wonder bread.” Axel tweeted on Monday:

“Well what do ya know! Looks like @Konnan5150 is trying to gain social media popularity by talking about a REAL Superstar!”

Konnan responded with a ton of negative remarks against Axel on Twitter. Here’s one he wrote:

“@RealCurtisAxel dont give a fuck about social media popularity..i dont know u and have nothing against u dude, u just have zero charisma..”

  • D2K

    That’s why they gave him Heyman as a mouth piece I thought.

  • los322

    Well he does have a point, nobody is questioning his wrestling ability, but charisma and personality, Axel is just ehhh?

  • Josh

    If Konnan only wanted attention for attacking a current WWE guy, he’d pick someone more relevant than “Uh, moment…of…moment…of uh….from now….uh moment….of the uh…genesis of McGillicutty”.

  • CC

    Konnan is a twat.

  • James Anslow

    Gotta love K-Dogg