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Konnan Talks About Curtis Axel, Sunny Saying She Has Cancer, Heat with CM Punk and TNA Rumors

– Former WCW star Konnan recently made a guest appearance on the Asked with Riv Landin podcast. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

* When asked whether or not he has heat with CM Punk, Konnan mentioned that he’s never had a problem with Punk personally and said the reports of him having a big ego are all second hand.

* Konnan was asked about Sunny’s cancer fund raiser and stated that he doubts Sunny is even being truthful about having cancer because she is a known liar.

* In regards to TNA possibly being put up for sale, Konnan said he’s not surprised and he hopes Jeff Jarrett is the buyer.

* Konnan said that Curtis Axel is boring and referred to as “wonder bread.” He stated Axel needs to watch his father’s old films and get a charisma transplant.

  • CC

    He is young and a rookie, regardless of his heritage. Look at Cody as a perfect example of someone in the same boat when he came in. Initially he was dull as dishwater, and even during his heel turn with DiBiase and Orton he still wasnt exactly “interesting”, but given some time and a bit of character freedom, he certainly put his own stamp on things. He has never been one of the guys that I particularly liked, but you cannot deny that his character and charisma has come with time and confidence.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    He has the ring skills it just seems like he’s intimidated or scared to do anything outside if the ring. If I was him I would take my dad’s character and just revamp it to be a more aggressive Mr. perfect IMO.

  • Lovin’ tha D

    truth right there about Axel

  • It’s kind of hard to have “charisma” when you’re standing in the background of a Paul Heyman storyline, not being given mic time or much TV time at all.