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TNA Wrestling performer Kurt Angle, a former WWE Champion, posted numerous messages on his Twitter account last night during WrestleMania XXVII criticizing Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for using his trademark finishing maneuvers during their respective matches. Orton responded to Angle on the site, saying ‘everything’s been done’ and that a wrestler using another’s move should be considered a sign of respect.

Angle has since changed his tune on the matter as he claimed today that his Twitter account was hacked. He adds that most of the tweets in question weren’t from him.

“I just found out somebody hacked into my Twitter account,” Angle wrote. “Most of those tweets weren’t from me. I just found out today. I will find out.

“Who would do this? I don’t know why somebody would pretend to be me. I apologize for the remarks. I’m not a twitter guy so I rarely use it.”

Below is his statement in its entirety:

“To anyone I upset, I am sorry. I didn’t watch W-mania last night. I DID get a lot of tweets during Show. About Orton, Swagger,etc.Who cares?”

“I think the whole thing is Halarious. How I upset all of U amazes me.I don’t read dirt sheets,but u heard they r upset.They’re ‘dirt’ sheets.”

“I Hope that W-mania was entertaining for all of You, especially ‘The Rock’. Oh, and Orton-relax, I won’t beat ur ass. You can use my move:).”

“2 Randy Orton’s credit, I Heard He had the best match of the night. Good for You! Btw,I Never used Shamrock’s finish while he still wrestled.”

“There’s a big difference to using a Finish somebody did b4 U, and is doing while U still Wrestle. The fact is, I don’t care. Sorry everybody.”

“Lastly,I just found out somebody hacked into my Twitter account.Most of those tweets weren’t from me.I just found out today. I will find out.”

“Who would do this? I don’t know why somebody would pretend to be me. I apologize for the remarks. I’m not a twitter guy so I rarely use it.”

“On a side note,Randy and I discussed the Angle Slam.I am happy Orton used my Finish.As he put it,imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

“Good Luck Randy. Thank You for reaching out to me!!!”

“Remember that Wrestlemania is an Event bigger than all of us. If You enjoyed it, great. That’s most important. Social networking is a Bitch.”

  • Nicholas G

    Man what is up with these TNA guys lately first it was Hogan, RVD and now Kurt Angle all bashing WWE like every week now. Finally the other day Randy Orton and CM Punk fire back an made TNA wrestler look real bad for not knowing there history an Pro Wrestling. I mean for Angle to claim that he started the ankle lock it like Ric Flair saying he was the first nature boy. Which is not true the first Nature Boy was Buddy Roger and the man that started the ankle lock was Ken Shamrock. I just don’t these old WWE guys they say the don’t want to be in WWE yet all they every do is sound bitter for not being is Pro Wrestling biggest company.

    Now I really have always felt this way about Kurt Angle an how he won’t got back to the WWE. I feel it is the WWE who does not want Kurt Angle back. Yes he is a heck of a wrestler but the is not the only great wrestler out there anymore. An the main reason they don’t want Angle back is because he acts like an Ass-whole at times. An he always seem to blame other people for his own problems. Oh he will come out in a couple more week saying how he is sorry. But sorry Angle the reason why you are not in the WWE is because WWE don’t want you. So you can stay in TNA a second rate company all you want. Vince Mac and the WWE don’t really give a dam. They have move on to bigger an better things. You an the rest of the old bitter WWE superstars can stay in TNA because when it is said and done nobody in the mainstream world gives a dam.

  • http://www.grapplezone.com TeddyG

    Theviewtvshow… the next ‘angle’ – no pun intended there? ha ha

  • theviewtvshow

    teddyg 😀 dont let dixie read this, that would be the next angle

  • peep it

    Ok Kurt you dont tweet. But you get tweets. WTF ever. You were hacked just like you were not drinking. Dumb mother fuckers. Angle you still stuck and will F O R E V E R be know for the chat ” YOU SUCK ”
    Hacked my ass. Next you gonna tell us that someone hacked the police station and put up that nice mug shot of you ! TWEET THAT ! Oh it true its dam true !

  • http://www.grapplezone.com TeddyG

    Guess TNA should get their employees to think of better Twitter passwords… JB, now Angle… Dixie not having much luck either… maybe they could make a storyline out of it… someone ‘hacked’ Jeff Hardy’s water bottle at Victory Road? ha ha ha

  • Ray

    Look at the shit he posted. Is it really that hard for you all to tell that it WASN’T Angle? 1.) Angle has NEVER said anything along the lines of ‘being the best’ and yet, in that tweet, he did. 2.) Angle has no jealous bone in his body. When was the last time he was jealous anything that we knew of? NEVER. Not even his WIFE leaving HIM. 3.) If you believe for even a moment he posted that shit? You are, truly, undoubtedly and sincerely, a mark.

  • Seth

    @King of my world… loopy was making ridiculous statements then claiming his “computor” was hacked.

    I know sarcasm doesn’t read well, but read it again and you’ll see it.

  • theviewtvshow

    kurt was on a crack binge with jeff

  • King Of My World

    Pffft What are you on buddy hardy clean there was a tv taping where sting had to carry his a$$ as EB & Hulk Hogan Go They Are No Way Near Vince And WWE Better Luck Next Time Kid

  • loopy4:20

    Kurt Angle is awesome. EB and Hogan are the best producers of any fedoration. jeff hardy is clean and sober…….. uh oh….. my computor was just hacked

  • Myers

    …………ok buddy.

  • The Great One

    Myers do you want the ass whooping of a life time you little jabroni

  • Truthiness

    Kurt’s comments were so stupid that I was hoping/expecting to hear that his account had been hacked, the problem is these further comments just make him sound even worse.

  • Myers

    wow…now for the english version:

    @CMPunk: “my twitter account was hacked”, is the new: “I’m a sloppy drunk douche”.

  • The Great One

    cm punk just wrote on twitter ” is that was they call making stupi drunkn remarks these days ? Hacked ” or sumthing like that lol

  • jpbas

    Maybe the Kurt that made the original comments is real and the apology Kurt is the hacker?

    Or maybe I smell bullshit!!

  • wtfbbqsauce

    pfft yeah right….hacked

  • Satan

    Kurt is defending some of the things he said all the while claiming he was hacked and someone wrote that on his account Lol.

  • CC

    @Rusty. yechiel doesnt have to be hacked to type mental stuff though.

  • Myers

    Hacked = Glug Glug Glug the night before, oops I shouldn’t have said that the day after.

  • Big T

    Kurt Angle just went “Mathew Hardy” on us. He said that somebody “hacked” his twitter and then still made the same arguments as his “hacker.” By the way Kurt isn’t still wrestling he’s in TNA, that doesn’t count. Why do crazy people have an affinity for TNA?

  • Jur

    Lol, Kurt is bat shit crazy.

  • CC

    So Kurt never used it while Shamrock was wrestling?
    Really, cause last time I looked Angle was using it while Ken was wrestling in TNA.

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