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Kurt Angle Taking Time Off to Deal With Hamstring Injury

– After retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Title at last night’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view against Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle says he’s taking a week off to deal with his hamstring injury.

Angle wrote on Twitter today:

“Great Ppv last night.Bobby Roode is one of the Best Wrestlers today! I am Still Going for Olympics. Only taking 1 Week Off 2 heal hamstring!”

  • venom

    TNA should use Raw’s theme song “burn it to the ground.”

  • Nicholas G

    It is about putting young guys over. I mean when was the last time a young guy in TNA held the TNA title. An don’t give me Mr. Kennedy because he is not young he just a WWE reject that couldn’t hack it in the WWE. Man TNA not building anybody up in TNA.

  • RPM

    a lot of people say this but roode is very similiar to triple H from his early run, and while he doesn’t have a finisher that’s not hard to work on.

    I’d be happy with him or storm with the belt just sick of angle right now.

  • mark

    takes more than a week to recover from a hamstring injury. Should have put Belt on roode whoever he is. I never watch tna but fucking Hogan sticking his ore in again

  • Ricardo

    Snark Mark and Bawb, I agree with you in general – the IXC has its darlings, most of which suck. But what got people upset was not that it was Roode, it’s that they had all this build up that took 6 months with the series, and that ultimately meant nothing. It’s bad booking all the way. If they got Roode so far, they had to give him the belt.

    What I don’t understand is why Storm didn’t win the series. Storm is the total package – he has charisma, a finisher, a catchphrase, a t-shirt, a foreign object, a following, all the things Hogan likes. So why did they go with Roode in the first place? Well, it’s TNA. Who can expect logic.

  • MJ

    who cares! the title has switched so much why not give eric young the title! the fact is tna needs to make him a star! but i forgot they cant!

  • Bawb

    @ SNark Mark

    Totally agree. He’s one of those vets in a company that thinks he deserves it because he’s a vet. He has no personality.

  • Snark Mark

    Angle is injury prone, yes. But do people care about Bobby Roode? The guy doesn’t have a finisher, a catchphrase, a t-shirt, or a following. Yes, he has been with the company for years. But is he a star?

  • renz

    i reckon he’ll get it within the next 2 impacts, if lacking that, the next ppv! they cant keep it on nagle anymore! hes to injury prone and comiitted to the olympics for the obivious reasons

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Shoulda put the belt on Roode. Most obvious statement that could b made. Roode has put in his time