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Latest on Bret’s WWE Return, Storyline Plans, His Contract and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Bret Hart first contacted WWE in February of 2009 to let them know that he was open to returning for a storyline. Hart’s girlfriend was going to school in Calgary and he would be based out of Calgary for a few years instead of Hawaii, where he had been. Bret was getting bored with retirement and thought of getting back into wrestling.

Bret notes that there were times when WWE seemed interested and other times when they really didn’t seem interested in his return at all. He told them a few times that if they weren’t that interested, he was fine with that and then he would always hear immediately back from them with interest. Talks for this year’s WrestleMania angle got serious last September.

There is a storyline in place through WrestleMania between Hart and Vince McMahon with hope for some sort of street fight or at least a showdown between the two at WrestleMania. Due to concussions from the past and his stroke in 2002, Hart is very limited to what he can do in the ring. He can’t take a traditional flat back bump. Obviously challenges like these could affect what happens between Bret and Vince. The original script for the RAW angle a few weeks back was for Vince to slap Bret in the face. Because of the concussion issue, they changed it to a kick in the stomach. It actually ended up being a kick to the groin from Vince, a miscue that Bret felt made the segment better.

Both Bret and WWE have laid out the basic details of the storyline and agreed on them. Each side has veto power regarding minor details. Hart is scheduled to return at next week’s RAW and is scheduled to be a regular on RAW through February. Bret’s contract with WWE is for through April and is only for this storyline. Bret is said to be open to ideas if WWE is interested in using him past that point and is open to signing a longer contract. If no contract would be offered, he is still open to appearing on the occasional show for the next few years while he’s mostly based out of Calgary.

Other sources report that revealing Bret’s stroke from 2002 in the storyline has been talked about. Apparently it will be a significant part of the angle at some point. Bret’s concussion issue is less likely to be brought up because it’s such a sensitive issue right now.

On the plane trip from Hawaii to RAW, Bret’s sciatic nerve in his lower back was acting up badly, causing concern that he would be limping to the ring. Bret rested after the trip and was pain free by the time RAW came on Monday night.

  • Curtis

    Bret is a legend, and his creative mind is a good one to tap into, they could use him onscreen till this storyline dissovles then have him as a backstage stand hand like AA, or Slaughter

  • Forever

    To quote one of my favorite comedians, Dane Cook. Some times it’s good to take the low road.

  • Forever

    Screw it. Spy is a brat. I made some corrections to your post. Here ya go bud. My improvements are in (CAPS). Maybe I should have just made this post to begin with.

    Yeah Forever you do have a point but your still pretty wrong. The difference is WWE doesn’t use TNA old people, (LIKE MICKIE JAMES) . They’re ours from the start, (EXCEPT EVERY ONE WHO FIRST STARTED OUT IN NWA, WCW, ECW, ECT.) (WHICH IS ALMOST THE WHOLE ROSTER). And our “old” stars are legends not washed up reality tv show failures, (LIKE WWE US CHAMPION THE MIZ). TNA is gonna die if they keep listening to their oldies sad but true, (NOT TRUE LOL).

  • Forever

    And for my last example:

    Vince McMahon & WWE use other people’s ideas all the time.

    Right now they have a show called ECW on SyFy.

    And everybody knows Vince & WWE didn’t create ECW.

    Thank you & good night.

  • Forever

    And not meaning to rip into you “Spy”, but you did make some pretty big statements. So I’m not meaning to insult you. I’m just stating wrestling history. I’ve already given enough examples about why alot of WWE’s current & older talent (that come back some times) are NOT “WWE’s from the start”. But you said, “not washed up reality tv show failures”. Meaning WWE doesn’t have any old reality TV stars on their shows. Did you forget about your WWE US Champion The Miz? Well I don’t know if he is washed up, but he is an old reality TV star. Plus there are plenty of Raw guests hosts that were from reality TV shows. & You said, “And our (WWE) “old” stars are legends”. Meaning that the older guys that just showed up on TNA are not legends. So Ric Flair isn’t a legend? And didn’t WWE bring back Ric Flair all through out last year? So does that mean because TNA brought Ric Flair back, he loses his “Legend” status? That sounds absolutley ridiculous to me. And I don’t understand how Hulk Hogan is not a legend. Plus guys like Foley, Sting, The Nasty Boyz, Hall, Nash, & 6-Pac are legends too.

    Guys like Sean Morley, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, and Orlando Jordan still have alot of talent & still have alot of time to devote to wrestling. Just because they were in WWE in the past does not mean they can’t wrestle on another show.

  • Forever

    Now if guys from other companies is excluded to only “older” talent that is only brought in from time to time, and doesn’t apply to the current roster…..Then WWE still does that too. For example……….Here are older guys that WWE bring back every year that are not originally WWE talent.
    1. Rob Van Dam – from ECW
    2. Ted DiBiase Sr. – from NWA
    3. Dusty Rhodes – from NWA
    4. Ron Simmons – from WCW
    5. Rowdy Roddy Piper – from NWA
    6. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka – from NWA
    7. Even The Undertaker is from some where before WWE – From USWA
    8. And now the icing on the cake. Stone Cold Steve Austin! He got his start in WCW & also joined ECW before WWE.

    WWE bring back old guys that originally did not start in WWE all the time.

    Also the Raw guest hosts like Mike Tyson are not original “WWE guys”. And Tyson is old & he did wrestle a match on Raw’s main event.

    If TNA is guilty for using old talent from other companies, then WWE is just as guilty.

  • Forever

    1. Big Show – from WCW
    2. Jericho – from WCW
    3. Tommy Dreamer – ECW
    4. Rey Mysterio – WCW
    5. Chavo – WCW
    6. Hurricane – WCW
    7. Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes – originally from NWA/WCW
    8. Finlay – WCW
    9. And you may not know it but WWE does use old TNA guys. They’ve been doing so off & on all decade. Mickie James is from TNA. Her name was Alexis Laree, look it up if ya want. And in my opinion Mickie is WWE’s best Diva. And if WWE keeps abusing her like they’ve been doing, she’ll be back with TNA sooner or later. And TNA is the only place on USA TV that showcases women’s wrestling. That is something WWE doesn’t do any more.

  • Forever

    WWE has used guys from WCW, ECW, Japan, & several other wresting companies for the entire existence of the WWE/WWF. Everyone does it. It’s how pro wrestling works. Just for an example, I won’t bring up all the past WCW, ECW, ect. talent of the past that went to WWE. I’ll only run down WWE’s current roster.

  • Forever

    Spy you’re a good example of the hypocrisy of some fans, when it comes to WWE vs. TNA. So Spy you just said that it was ok for WWE to bring back old wrestlers because these old wrestlers are past WWE stars. Basically it’s ok because they’re WWE’s creation, as you put it. But it’s wrong for TNA to bring back these old guys because their from other wrestling companies, and not of their own creation. That must mean then that a wrestling company can only use their own wrestler, and it is never ok for a wrestling company to use other company’s guys, as you put it. So WWE has never used people from other companies like WCW & ECW?

  • Spy

    Yeah Forever you do have a point but your still pretty wrong. The difference is WWE doesn’t use TNA old people. They’re ours from the start. And our “old” stars are legends not washed up reality tv show failures. TNA is gonna die if they keep listening to their oldies sad but true

  • Drizzt

    I am glad to see Bret back. The WWE also wants to appeal to the longtime fans. I hope the Monday night Wars get big again. I want to be able to flip between the channels. It will bring out the best in the entertainment. TNA will have to pick up and WWE will not be able to grow complacent with there programming. Plus it was great in the late 90’s to see high caliber stars jumping from organizations seeing them face new guys. For the younger generation I agree that they should keep pushing the new guys and keep the legends and soon to be legends limited on the shows.

  • Forever

    Definition of being a hypocrite. When WWE brings in old guys, you cheer on WWE. You applaud WWE for using the older guys. When TNA bring in old guys, you get angry. You rant on TNA for using older guys. You say TNA will fail like WCW. Matter of fact. Undertaker aka World Champ on smackdown is old. At least half of the tag champs, HBK, is old. Bret Hart is old. All the weekly celebs like Tyson, Piper, Jesse The Body, and anyone who usually pops up like IRS are also old. So don’t be mocking TNA for something WWE also does. You can’t praise WWE for some thing & scorn TNA for the same thing.

  • hitman68

    hitman vs hbk 2 now thats a pay per view that would rock the the wrestling history bret harts back and still is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be and if he stands by the hart dynasty things are only gonna get better so hogan pack up and go home game over.

  • Dirt Devil

    You gimps are sooo lame and stupid thinking this guy or that guy is such a great ring psychologist. What a douche. Its the writers that build and make the characters and thats all there is. Brett Hart failed miserably in WCW. Why? Did his ring psychology fail him on a different brand? NO. The creative writers didn’t push him He was supposed to sail on his past accomplishments. He didn’t. Same reason Goldberg failed in the WWE. No push, yet he was superman in WCW. Please quit acting like a bunch of 10 year olds on here with these stupid analytical comments. They are worthless.

  • Austin

    I love Bret is back, yeah he can’t really wrestle anymore but so what? The man is a true legend and gave his all to his fans and for those of you saying that TNA is the new generation of wrestling LMFAO!! thats amusing considering you know what I saw when I glimpsed at TNA the other night alot of real washed up has-beens nobody cares, The Nasty Boys, Scott Hall cmon give me a break, All you TNA fans better hard at night Dixie Carter uses her brain and does not give Bischoff any kind of position of power, Remember he was in charge of WCW and look where he got it!!!

  • Mark

    Even though Bret cant wrestle anymore there is loads of other things he can do in WWe whether its on screen or not. he could join the creative team and give some much needed new ideas to the storylines. that would be best for him. Also he can make occasional tv appearances whenever he likes. could be a gm, an a talent agent, a manager. possibilities are endless

  • Mordecai

    It’s real nice to see Bret Hart back..Good to see that he’s going to have another run in WWE so that way fans won’t have the Montreal Screwjob as the last time they’ve seen him in the wwe (excluding HOF, etc.). But as it’s been said in the above posts, after this current storyline has ran its course, providing that Bret sticks around, they do need to put him as either a). a GM role b). just have him be a manager for the Hart Dynasty or c). backstage agent. He could definitely lead the Hart Dynasty to the top and maybe help restore what wwe calls a “tag team division”.

  • Ray

    Its great that Bret Hart is back BUT how the fuck do you have bret coming back and not have a single canadian city host Raw.

    He would recieve the BIGGEST pop ever!!!

  • scooter

    the global title cannot be defened agains an american (allegedly) its like the lc or us belt

  • Abhi

    Bret rocks. Period. But i dont like the idea of him teaming up with hart dynasty and pushing them, They simply dont have the potential

  • Tom

    sorry but, could someone clear up what the difference of ‘global’ and ‘world’ champion?

  • stockshark

    Hey I remember back when they use to say all this same stuff about WCW and they almost took WWE out!! And btw WWE didnt kill WCW the execs. at Time/Warner/Aol cancled the show because they thought wrestilng was low class programing even WWE would have more than likely gotten cancled too if they where on one a fomer Turner station. LOL reality check!

  • Myk

    hey DISGRUNTLED FAN… what TNA are you watching? I would love to know so I could watch?!?!? TNA is a said excuse of what WCW was now that Hall, Nash, Waltman, Hogan, and Bitchoff are all together! And now the talks of bringing in Sid? TNA was a great! They had the young stars and a the ring! The 6 side made it interesting! Then WWE stars started to show up and get the belt put on them for no reason (Christian, Angle, Booker… soon to be Lashley) To sum it up TNA went from the new breed to the WWE’s retirement home! Deal with it, no matter how much we want RAW to change and TNA to do great WWE will always win out!

  • scooter

    EtTuBrute common sense is baffling? just stating the facts people

  • Christian C.

    Hey Yo! It was good to see 3/5 of the Cliq on TNA. But seriously they are about to become the second coming of WCW. And we all know how that turned out.

    Now Bret hasnt been to the WWF since the screwjob but if the man can help Raw be better I am all for it. He can help the Dynesty if they are all drafted to Raw after ‘Mania. I can see him as the GM still undermining Vince’s authority. Of course no one would do it better than Stone Cold.

    Stop hating on Bret.

  • EtTuBrute


    Your intelligence is baffling.

  • j.j.

    Bret why ????????? the whole thing with vince sucks .
    put him with the new harts tag team . Is bret going to wrestle ?
    he looks like crap old and fat .

  • Matt

    Well said devil_rising

  • Devil_Rising

    @ “!?”

    Dude, I think I’m not alone in saying that it’s YOU who needs to go crawl in a hole somewhere, and never come back.

    Bret Hart is awesome, and is one of the single greatest wrestlers and single biggest stars in pro wrestling history. For you to actually believe that “no one cares about him anymore”, is about as stupid as Rush Limbaugh telling anyone who will actually listen to his fat ass that they SHOULDN’T try to help out survivors in Haiti in any way. He calls himself a “Christian”, and I’m sure you call yourself a “wrestling fan”.

    Good day.

  • NuclearShadow

    I think its shameful that the WWE does whatever it can to avoid even speaking about the concussion consequences.
    While pro wrestling may not be real the toll it takes on the body is very much so. Repeated blows to the head even non concussion can cause permit damage over time but when you throw actual concussion’s in the mix it is devastating to the brain.

    This is what it causes. “The condition, which occurs in boxers who have suffered repeated blows to the head manifests as dementia, or declining mental ability, problems with memory, and parkinsonism, or tremors and lack of coordination.[2] It can also cause speech problems[2] and an unsteady gait. Patients with DP may be prone to inappropriate or explosive behavior and may display pathological jealousy or paranoia.[2] Individuals displaying these symptoms also can be characterized as “punchy,” another term for a person suffering from DP.”

    Chris Benoit had it, Test had it, and of course they are both now deceased and of course this somehow skips getting the blame even partly. Of course this is not speculation either as there has been a long history of athletes who play highly physical sports such as boxing or football who end up with this.

    I think testing should be required and mandatory for the safety of not only the one who is at risk of getting it but anyone around them because violent outbursts are caused by this. If the test shows that they do indeed suffer from it they should be forced out of the profession that they got it from and it should be the responsibility of those who hired them to make sure they receive proper treatment.

  • Ryan

    okay scooter wait another month or 2 and see what happens. im not saying it WILL happen, but i have a feeling some of those titles are going to end up on old man shoulders. my guess is the global championship being the first to change.

  • scooter

    okay time to clear up the tna only uses old guys and is wcw 2
    world champ: aj styles
    global champ: eric young
    tag champs: british invasion
    x-champ:amazing red the only non young talent who are champs are kong and hamada and hamada is still quite young so clearly tna DO push young talent

  • Ray

    TNA is so trash. I watched Impact tonight and they have val venis? Do we need to witness an overweight Scott Hall teaming with Kevin Nash again. Come on.

  • 321kid-with a razor

    I would like to see bret on Smackdown as General Manager and Vince On Raw running the show and bring back the real competetive brand vs brand stuff they had when Bischoff and Steph were doing it. Or maybe a color comentator.Former wrestlers seem to be the better part of comentating. JR excluted. Im not a fan of Grisham or Cole. King is getting repetative. But JBL was good, Taz was fun, Striker I really like. I thin k Bret would be good on the go.

  • brody

    It’s always good to have a legend from the past return, but let’s face it, it only carries so much water. It’s good that Brett has the opportunity to perform one more time, but the guy’s too worn down to do much. It’s nice that he’s back, but it’s not that big of a deal. Big names have come back before, it’ll happen again.

  • les

    TNA is the worst show ever in history it has crap wrestlers like hulk hogan. it should be ditched for good


    brett is pretty useless and he is suppose to be wwe’s gold man to combat hogan and a new TNA product THAt KILLS anything that RAw has

    vince and bret need to make way for the new generation of WReSTLING which is TNAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • baddog_1_2k

    Bret should get the GM job from wwe and maybe even get involved with creative a little bit he has a good mind for the “biz” great to see bret back who ever made that 1st post is obviously a cena fan and a D bag what a loser

  • RPM

    They need to put him with Hart Dynasty and give them a huge gradual push, stick the titles on them and book them in some good matches with Bret and Naty at ring side this should be done post wrestlemania storyline.

  • damkat

    Bret Hart is one of the best this business has to offer, he can teach the young guys in the WWE. I would like to see him in the GM role however and get rid of the guest host. Bret could offer alot in that role.

  • Al

    fans love it when faces from the past return, whether it be Bret or whoever. Thats wrestling, live with it..

  • CiB

    Erm, my post was directed at !?, not annonymouse. Just to clear up potential confusion over me starting with “You think?”

  • CiB

    You think?

    Perhaps an onscreen role isn’t a wonderful idea but…

    Very few wrestlers over the last 20 years were as skilled when it came to in ring psychology. Considering that in ring psychology is the biggest weakness of the current WWE roster, I think signing Bret as an agent would be of huge benefit to the company. There is much Hart can teach.

  • annonymouse

    you’re probably the only one that feels that way !?

    my guess is that you’re too young to even remember him. bret is a legend plain and simple

  • Matt

    Shut up bret wants to come back for one last time so let him do it

  • !?

    Bret needs to seriously go away in a hole somewhere. No one cares about him anymore, his buzz died years ago. In his current state, he does nothing for RAW. He is no different than Hogan. case closed.