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Latest on Plans for the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame, Update on Shaq-WWE

– No word yet on what’s going on with WWE and Shaquille O’Neal. He keeps saying he will be at WrestleMania 28 but WWE’s plans for Big Show indicate otherwise. Shaq was in talks with WWE to appear and sources indicate he was planned for the March 5th Boston RAW Supershow. If Shaq doesn’t appear on that show or isn’t hinted at in some way, he most likely won’t be a part of WrestleMania.

– Right now the plan is to air the Hall of Fame inductions of Edge and the Four Horsemen on the USA Network.

While Yokozuna is still expected to be announced, it’s now believed someone other than The Rock will be inducting him but that’s not confirmed. Edge is scheduled to be inducted last and by Christian.

The Horsemen will be inducted by Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Dusty Rhodes. There was a push to get Dusty in on the induction because he is the one most associated with the Horsemen as big rivals in their heydays.

Edge has been given a 10 minute time limit on his speech and the Horsemen as a group have a 10 minute limit.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Natonstan

    MIL MASCARAS is still being inducted….

  • Alyssa

    Not true – shaq told an abc news reporter yesterday at a press conference that he wouldn’t be hard to find if vince McMahon wanted to look. He’s definitely interested.

  • Jason L

    10 min time limit for them ? WTF. Seriously ? MAYBE 30 min limit but 10 that’s ridiculous

  • Jon

    I thought Mil Mascaras was going in, too? Didn’t Triple H bring him out just for the reason of announcing that when the WWE was in Mexico?

  • Bill

    I’m shocked The Rock isn’t being inducted in his hometown, but I’m still glad Edge got in this year. Too bad WM 29 won’t be in Toronto for Edge to get inducted there.

  • Kyle

    @ heyfit
    Just go back to the locker room champ, take 6

  • Maltese

    ^^^^ fuckwit………….

  • heyfit


    i thought MIL the thrill MASCARAS was in the HOF this year, inducted by Alberto Del Ryo.

    What happend to that??? Or did VINCE have his racist change of mind again?

  • jason

    @Starship Pain because without the Horsemen there never would’ve been NWO, DX, or Evolution, and any other factions.

  • nick

    hhh taker and rock r still with the company… why would they be inducted?

  • Starship Pain

    Why are Triple H and Shawn Michaels inducting the Horsemen? They have nothing to do with them, besides Hunter’s association with Flair… When Evolution is inducted, then Michaels can have the honor…

  • Second City Saints

    Grats to Yoko he was awesome well deserved hall of famer i hope they can put savage in this year

  • Still don’t get why guys like the rock taker and triple h have yet to be inducted

  • Sean Mooney

    I would like to see Mr. Fuji induct Yokozuna.