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Latest Talk Of Sting’s Status, Person Behind New “Green Hornet” Character

— Sting was recently removed from the TNA Wrestling website, which led many people within the organization to claim that contract negotiations between both parties broke down. However, others within the organization believe the roster edit is a swerve designed to lead people to believe that he is no longer with the company.

— is advertising Ric Flair for an autograph signing on Friday, May 27 at Grandma’s Sports Garden in Duluth, Minnesota.

— Kazuchika Okada’s new character was inspired by Kato from The Green Hornet series. The word amongst the locker room is that Samoa Joe pitched the character and for him to be his on-screen sidekick.

Okada is a Japanese wrestler the organization signed early last year that was completely relegated to Xplosion until last month when he has revealed as the camera man whom Samoa Joe had hired to follow “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • KyB27

    Sting vs Taker at WM27 ISNT GOIN TO HAPPEN… cuz it would be his first debut at WWE and WM would be his first ppv and we know that if he goes one on one with Taker, Taker gonna win… Cuz of his stupid “streak”…. Sting wouldnt sign to lose… So get that outta ur heads. Sting is not going to WWE

  • TomC

    Oh Regina … how (non) clever you are … “the minor leagues.”

    And yet here you are talking about “pointless opinions” – oh the irony.

  • Regina

    I would love to see Sting leave the minor leagues known as TNA and go to WWE to possibly have a match with Undertaker at Wrestlemania which would be beyond epic, but seriously folks, everything right now is pure speculation with ZERO proof that he is gonna resign with TNA or go to the WWE. Nothing but a bunch pointless opinions that end up leading to childish e-battles.

  • Devin

    who really cares sting is 2 old n if he did wrestlr undertaker @ wrestlemanie u t would whopp stings ass ps only time i liked sting was yrs ago in the old wcw now oh puhhh lease my 22 yr old nephew could kick stings ass. washed up has been

  • Ronald

    First of all, you’ve gone and covered all possible avenues again. Nice job, you can’t be wrong!

    Second, if Dixie is trying to keep Sting signing a secret, I must ask…. WHY? If Sting just shows up on iMPACT, will anyone even care? (it’s like the old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?”) If she were smart, she’d have announced it by now and ruined 2/21/11 for WWE. Even though it’s obvious those promos are mainly for the Undertaker, many people are still expecting Sting on that date too (which might spike ratings for WWE). After WWE killed the MEM storyline, you’d think Dixie would try and get back at them and kill the Sting-to-WWE hype. My belief is that Sting is either still a true free agent or has already signed with WWE.

  • Matt

    also in other news stings removal from the TNA roster page, insiders are afraid he’s going to ROH 😛

    and next week it will be some other reason and so on and so on …. 😛

  • Adam

    Hmm, Dixie only announced Gen Me signing before their first appearance.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    “Kazuchika Okada’s new character was inspired by Kato from The Green Hornet series.”

    Well, duh!

  • TomC

    Its the LATEST latest

  • John Cena

    Latest Talk on Sting’s status? Wasn’t this ‘latest’ posted two weeks ago?

  • Neil


    You had me till Dave Meltzer 😉

  • TomC

    Yah, well I heard it through the grapevine . . . .

  • scooter

    @CC keep it on the dl but I heard that from a guy at a bar who heard it from a cab driver who heard it from his uncle who heard it from dave meltzer who heard it from a homeless person that stings happy to stay retired and aint going anywhere

  • grapplin gorilla

    dixis has advisors…lol….she needs more then that

  • TomC

    We’re SPECULATING …. sheesh

  • CC

    Oh wonderful, more insiders at TNA with a whole other opinion to the TNA insiders who said something else, and the other TNA insiders who said something neither of the other groups of TNA insiders said.
    Lets just admit it, nobody knows what the fuck is going on, and everyone is making up their own stories.

  • TomC

    Not altogether true . . . she DOES have advisers around her still. Perhaps THIS TIME she’s actually LISTENING.


    if sting had signed with tna dickhead carter would have announced it on twitter or wherever she ruins story lines by posting the outcome early on.