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Latest on TNA’s Lawsuit vs. WWE, WWE Says No Intentions of Offering Flair a Deal

– In the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit, the temporary restraining order against WWE was officially dissolved on June 8th after WWE’s recent statements to the court about how they searched their computer network for evidence of the file that former WWE/TNA employee Brian Wittenstein had with confidential TNA information.

The order against Wittenstein is still in effect, demanding that he return any confidential information and not tamper with it or destroy it.

WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt recently sent a letter to TNA legal counsel Erika Blonquist. The letter was filed with the court last week and can be read below:

“First, and as I advised you orally on the phone during our recent conference call, WWE has not solicited Ric Flair to leave TNA and enter into a contract with WWE. WWE has made no offer to Flair and has no intention of doing so.

Second, as I also advised you, WWE has not solicited any other current TNA talent to repudiate their contracts and enter into a contract with WWE. WWE has no interest in current TNA talent.”

Source: PWInsider

  • SYM

    @what? That Joke aint got Home Training.

  • what?

    what do you call a bus load of lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?…………..a damn good start

  • poko


    What are you talking about? Why would the restraining order have anything to do with any kind of distance? That makes no sense. It most likely is an order that prevents the WWE from acting in a way that would appear to have possibly benefited from confidential information during the discovery process. Basically, “don’t do anything until the courts find out exactly what information Brian Wittenstein illegally divulged.”

  • CC

    How does one issue a restraining order against a company?
    Were WWE not allowed within 5 miles of TNA?

    Sorry, but the term restraining order sounds ridiculous in this instance.

  • SYM

    @poko thats why u in my Fave 5

  • poko

    You’re right. If you think a competitor might have confidential information about your business, then you should not attempt to protect your assets by finding out for sure via the legal system.

    That’s just wrong, and really, really mean. As we know, all large corporations and lawyers are completely trustworthy and should be taken at their word, rather than confirming what they say and making it a part of the public record.

    All sarcasm aside, though, I wonder how many people would back the WWE if the roles were reversed, because the WWE has good lawyers, and they would do the exact same thing. People complaining over standard procedure is amusing.

  • 1919dpg

    so tna is messing up flairs shot at a return? classy tna..

  • Maxwell

    This is honestly so stupid on TNA’S part.