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– In the latest episode of WWE’s Are You Serious?, “Road Dogg” BG James and Josh Mathews look back at a Paul Heyman vs. Jim Cornette Tuxedo match and more. WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel makes a special appearance:

– WWE is asking fans to tweet their favorite Bret Hart memories with the hashtag #BretMemories to prepare for his return to RAW tomorrow night. WWE will select some tweets and feature them on the new WWE app.

– We noted earlier this week how WWE is planning on putting the Tag Team Titles on Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara so they can build to a WrestleMania 29 match between the two. In an update, there has been at least some talk of making Rey Mysterio the heel while Sin Cara works as the babyface. With that said, some believe it would be a very bad idea for Mysterio to turn heel.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • http://facebook raysmith

    just like hogan when he turned heel that was a bad move and it would be the same for REY if turned a heel if CARA turned heel that would prob be better or keep both of them a face going in to W M 29

  • Tom… Just Tom

    No need to turn either Rey or Sin Cara heel. It isn’t like they haven’t done a face vs face or heel vs heel match in the WWE before.

  • scooter

    I actually like the gimmick their giving Barret of how he went back to his routes and how he just wants to fight but honestly I think they should make him a badass heel and heres how I would do it.

    Sheamus has basically torn through the roster as champ right? Wrong. Wade comes out and talks about how he hasn’t beaten him and insists that he wants to fight not backing down (something different as wwe has too many cowardly heels)and he could even insist Booker T lifts the ban on the brouge kick as he wants sheamus at his best.

  • donners

    * ‘they don’t need to turn either heel for mania:’

    is what that should’ve said…..

  • donners

    they need to turn either heel for mania:

    1, they could just base it on a friendly rivalry to bee who the best mexican high-flyer in wwe history is (conveniently forgetting eddie guerrero), and

    2, they want that world record with the most masks in one place. the easiest way to do that is give everyone 2 masks, one for rey, one for cara, and have the crowd show their allegiance to one or the other during the match.

    i don’t think there’s a need for either to turn, especially if they make massive sales off rey, and want cara to match him at some point in the future.

  • Dave

    I wonder.
    Ricky Steamboat wrestled his entire career as a babyface. Had we had Internet Wrestling Forums during the 80s and early 90s, would we all have been clamouring for him to turn heel? And would his career have suffered if he had turned heel?


    yea it could b interestin to see n yea rey did turn heel in wwe12 n did the FINGER POKE OF DOOM if they dont get injured (BIG IF) then rey as heel wood b a shock n interestin or it could b bad not GOLDBERG HEEL TURN BAD but just oh bad idea my suggestion either try it n see hw it goes or just have dem both b face n embrace n a handshake or hug afterwards #imjustsayin

  • SYM


  • datruth

    Yea this match can only happen if both keep from getting injured -___-

  • DaveyH

    Why does either one of them have to turn heel? Is it completely out of the question to have them both stay face and have a match based on the fact it will be extremely entertaining?

  • nick

    Wade Barrett made his WWE return on Friday Night SmackDown on September 7, 2012 in a squash match against jobber Yoshi Tatsu. As a huge WWE fan, it is not very often that a big name star leaves and makes a big return. It is even more rare that you get a star that is still young to leave and return after such a long absence. These returns should be epic and done correctly. It is one way to ensure that the WWE product stays fresh and compelling. While not every superstar can be like Chris Jericho and have epic returns every single time, a guy like Wade Barrett should have had a much better return than what the WWE gave him on SmackDown.

    The Build Up Begins

    The WWE did have Wade Barrett do a couple of promos here and there about him “returning to his roots” of bare knuckle style that he is known for. The promos kind of hyped him as returning as a tweener. That is a wrestler that is neither good guy nor bad guy. He did not get the hype of some larger stars, but the promos were enough to make the fans start to anticipate his return. This was perfectly set up for a huge return, because he was not in the front of anyone’s mind at the time. Yes, folks were anxious for him to get back, but nobody was really looking for it save for the Internet fans that know everything before it happens.

    Enter Yoshi Tatsu?

    Yoshi Tatsu is really fun as a character on WWE12 and he is a good wrestler in general. He is not, however, the type of guy to get folks excited. Why bring Wade Barrett back in such dull fashion? Why have him come out after bringing Tatsu out to a dark entrance? Why have him demolish a guy that many don’t even know at all? It boggles the brain why WWE would waste such a golden opportunity to either get Barrett over even farther as a bad guy, or flip him face altogether instead.

    What Should Have Happened

    During the spot between Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler, why not bring Wade Barrett out to attack Orton from behind instead of the cowardly Damien Sandow who had just ran from the ring? The switch would have wowed fans and instantly given them both a new feud that would be white hot. If not that, then why not bring Barrett out to challenge Ryback? Further still, why not have Barrett stick his head out of the limo with C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman to close the show? The possibilities are endless, really.

    Although it was a drab WWE return, Wade Barrett returning is good news indeed. I am very happy to see him back in action and look forward to see seeing what he will do next.

  • nick

    Or another idea would be once they win the titles, the other tag teams tell Rey that Cara has been saying stuff, like hes only using Rey to make it big in the WWE, and that he doesn’t respect rey, and for Rey to go after Cara and attack him, which in the end doesn’t make any of them a heel, because it can easily be wrote off as “others pushed rey to go after Cara”

  • CC

    Turning Rey heel could be the shot in the arm that he needs to make him interesting again. For too long he has been doing the same old boring kid friendly crap, and could really do with a shake up in his character.
    It would be a shock to the kids and the adult male demographic might start getting interested in him again.

  • Lew

    he was kind of heel a little bit in WCW when he was with the filthy animals

  • nick

    I’d say have a storyline with Cara getting attacked by Rhodes backstage week after week, only for Rey to make the save every week, than have Rey attack week after week, for Sin Cara no where to be found. Rey gets mad, that Cara didn’t help him once, while he helped Cara every time, and have Rey Attack Cara.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    they could have rey turn on cara and align with del rio…..

  • Really

    If the point of them teaming together is to get Cara over with Rey’s fans, turning Cara would defeat the whole point.

  • Jimbotron

    Mysterio has never been heel. He won’t turn heel. He doesn’t want to turn heel.

  • Champ

    Oh yeah your right I forgot about that lol

  • Sam Peters

    he turned heel on WWE 12 😛 could have the same sort of story line for it but with this one it would be sighting that Sin Cara has only been in the WWE a little while and they are already trying to replace Mysterio with him so he says screw you to everyone and that he is going for it by himself for now on

    As Rey speaks English it will be easier for him to cut a heel promo

  • Champ

    I can’t imagine Rey a heel lol

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