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Latest from Zack Ryder, Reid Flair Comments on a WWE Career, Mysterio, More

– Below is episode #15 of Zack Ryder’s YouTube show:

– Rey Mysterio revealed on Twitter that he shot photos yesterday for the August cover of WWE Magazine.

– The Nasty Boys will be appearing on the third season premiere of Man vs. Food Nation on The Travel Channel. The episode shows the host trying to coach Nasty Boy Jerry Sags as he attempts to eat 10 super spicy hot wings from Rapscallions in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

– Reid Flair appeared on the Hit the Ropes radio show on Wednesday and said while he hasn’t ruled out working for TNA, his goal is still to work for WWE. Here’s what he said:

“No, I have not ruled out TNA. I respect the guys that are there. I respect the people in management and stuff like that. My dream since I was five years old was to work for the WWE and that’s my goal. I think for people who are already established as stars, TNA is a great place to go. But me being a young kid and stuff like that, not having established myself, I think that sometimes the younger guys may be misrepresented and stuff in TNA. And I’m not saying anything malicious about TNA, WWE is just where I want to be. That’s my goal. WWE is the big time and I want to be with the best.”

  • scooter

    I admire Reids honesty it seems to me like he wants to work hard rather than just be pushed on his fathers name and from what I’ve seen the guy can go so be it TNA or WWE I’d be happy to see him make it to the big leagues

  • Raul

    @Mattitude, Reid is the inshape one with the attitude problem, David is the one you described. Points for Davis tho for nailing Torrie Wilson AND Stacey Keibler back in WCW.

  • Valo487

    I think it’s funny the host of Man vs. Food has to coach Knobbs or Saggs on eating, they have been practicing for a lifetime.

  • JD

    @ Shawn. Would Ryder be paid? Probably not. I assume it would be part of his contract My point was Vince would love to have the traffic to

  • Mattitude

    Isn’t Reid the fat, out of shape, WCW reject son or is that David?

  • shawn

    @JD ah. would ryder be paid for that?

  • JIR

    I like Reid Flairs comments if you are in a sports/entertainment business go with the big leagues no one dreams of playing in the minors

  • JD

    The last few videos quite frankly haven’t been funny… And you know he is going to be put on Because god forbid Vince doesn’t make money on everything

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    U do realize that if WWE officials hadnt been forced to pay attention to Pyder websiTes like this one wouldnt b shhowin his show on their sites