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Laurinaitis Wins Control, Menounos Addresses Fan Comments, Set Issues

– John Laurinaitis won control of both RAW and SmackDown last night at WrestleMania 28 when Team Laurinaitis defeated Team Long in the 12-man match. After the match Eve Torres, who had distracted Zack Ryder for the finish, turned on him by kicking him below the belt.

Ryder wrote on Twitter:

“@EveMarieTorres ruined my #WrestleMania moment. I got a low blowski from a hoeski.”

– We received reports from WrestleMania 28 that some fans had their views obstructed by the palm trees that were used for the set.

– Some fans were under the impression that Maria Menounos had an accident during her WrestleMania match with Kelly Kelly against Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix. Maria addressed this on Twitter and says it was makeup on the back of her pants:

“Just won my match at #Wrestlemania with @realkellykelly.amazing experience.and ps-that was eve’s makeup on my pants-let’s not get cray cray”

  • kitkrock

    I too, would want to cum all over Maria Menonouwhatever’s face.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    When Jerry Lawler saw Laurinaitis’s suit, he said “Brother Love would have a heart attack if he saw that thing.” Funny, but SOOOOO tasteless, because Bruce Pritchard (who portrayed Brother Love) recently had a heart attack. Either Lawler knew and decided to say something really fucked up for no apparent reason, or he didn’t know and that was just extremely bad timing. I caught that and my jaw dropped.

  • Pig

    I’d love to go cray cray on Maria and Kelly at the same time. Def leave some smears on their panties!!!

  • Darryl

    col. Robert Parker???? I tried getting it trending last Night. That was Brother Love’s old Suit. at least In the Style Of. WTF is Cray Cray

  • Chael Sonnen: True Middleweight Champion

    Really this happened? I had no idea considering I was watching on delay and skipped this entire match. Clearly didn’t miss anything

  • Buttercastle

    Well no shit their views were blocked, what did they think people would be able to see through them? I had the same experience going to a comedy show, I had the stupid pole support for the balcony right in front of me the whole show and it’s annoying as hell.

  • ogitchida


  • Lord Barvis

    Anyone that uses the phrase “cray cray” should never have anything to do with my wrestling program.

  • bloodstone

    with Laurinaitis team winning and him wearing the white suit makes me wonder if wwe is going to use the old nwa/wcw (Robert Fuller aka Colonel Parker/Stud Stable gimmick .

  • b c Mitchell

    I’ll regret this but hey dumbass hell doesn’t have an apostrophe in it.

  • heyfit

    LOL Maria Menounos shat her panties!
    Just like Sid did at WM13.

    I’d still like to cum all over Maria Menounos’ face tho.
    Also, my penis + her vagina = Wrestlemania 29 dream match. He’ll let’s not wait for Mania, let’s do it tomorrow night on Raw.