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Lauzon Not Happy With Sotiropoulos’s Fight Gear

In an interview conducted by Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Joe Lauzon voices his concern with his UFC 123 opponent George Sotiropoulos’s fight gear.

“I don’t really understand how he gets away with them. We’re definitely going to look into it a little bit. I don’t see how you can wear your regular fight shorts, compression shorts under that that go to your knee, then wear knee pads on both sides that go halfway down your leg, then ankle supports that go halfway up your leg and down to your toes. I don’t know what the deal is with the commission, if he’ll be allowed to wear those or not, but we’re prepared for him either way… I don’t know if it will make a huge difference, but at the same time, why give him that advantage? Maybe we’ll make a formal request to not let him wear them.”

With a grappling base, traction and grip is a huge advantage, especially around the legs when your talking about a 10th planet practitioner(Sotiropoulos).

  • 1moreguy

    Because hes the first one to complain,hes a pussy!Thats what you meant Matt?
    Not long ago(it suck cuz I dont remember the event,nor do I remember the name of the fighter…credibility!!!)a guy was told,by the commission,just before the fight start,to take his knee pads off!!
    Someone else will remember the fighter in question.

    If Joe had wait till after the fight to talk abt it,what Matt would ‘ve said?-“Hes just making excuses for his loss!”IMO,Joe’s asking a legit question.
    Nice article btw.

  • Matt

    Sounds like he’s just doing the pre-spin to get ready for a loss to Sotiropoulos.

    No other fighter from memory has said anything about his gear, and the commission’s are pretty strict about stuff like that.