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Lead Creative Writer Not Leaving Till Mid-August Now, Matt Striker’s First Post-WWE Gig

– As we reported recently, lead creative writer David Kreizman has served his notice to leave WWE and was scheduled to finish today, however he has agreed to stay on until mid-August to follow through ideas for the SummerSlam pay-per-view. (credit –

– Matt Striker’s first appearance post-WWE will be on commentary at tomorrow’s Family Wrestling Entertainment “FWE Rumble” iPPV from Queens, New York.

  • d_pooch

    It seems like the announcers hesitate a lot, or there is just dead air when they should be getting excited about something. Whenever I notice this, I always think they’re stuck listening to whoever is talking in their headset for their next verbal cue. It’s getting frustrating.

  • Perhaps they wouldn’t have such a high turn over in their “creative department”, if A) they actually hired people who understand and like the wrestling business to come up with shit, and B) if Vince McMahon wasn’t such a grumpy, abusive tyrant of a boss.

    All due respect to the guy, but I would hate to ever work for someone like that. I feel so bad for the announcers, with Vince screaming in their headset all night. Talk about ridiculous. If you can’t trust people to just go out there and do a good job on their own, something’s very wrong. And I doubt it’s them.