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Leaked WWE Memo from a Few Years Back Reveals Orders from Vince, Stephanie and Dunn

– An internal WWE memo from a few years back recently leaked and stated a few things of interest:

* Vince McMahon no longer wants “Granddaddy of them all” using to describe WrestleMania because he feels it makes WrestleMania feel old and dated.

* Nobody can use the phrase “choke” for a submission move. Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate move was named Triangle submission hold.

* Producer Kevin Dunn stated that announcers can no longer use the phrase “title changes hands.”

* Vince banned the use of terms “five star match” and “match of the year.” As part of the memo banning those terms, Vince also wanted all announcers to “stop reading the dirt sheets” with the idea that it influences what they say.

* Stephanie McMahon sent a memo for announcers to never use the phrase “the referee didn’t see it” when a heel is doing something behind the referees back. She wrote that it makes it seem like the announcers are treating the fans like they are in grade school. Stephanie prefers “the referee’s vision was impaired” or “the referee’s vision was blocked.” Also, never use the word “hatred” or “hate” when describing a feud and the announcers should never say a talent doesn’t care about winning a match.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Mike Wells

    My God, they’re just polishing a turd with the lingo.

    It’s like small man syndrome. Just because you use posh words to describe something doesn’t make it better. My biggest pet peeve is the use of phrases like “he suffered numerous lacerations and contusions and was taken to a nearby medical facility.” They’re not doctors! This isn’t ER. Just say “he’s got a few cuts and bruises so they’ve sent him to the local hospital.”

    I’d say it’s more insulting to the viewer to package something up as more than it is, rather than describe it in an overly zealous fashion.

  • JAckh45

    Don’t JBL and Cole says these things constantly?
    I know for a fact that JBL says people (heels) don’t care about winning and that they are making a statement

  • Vince and Steph are control freaks, plain and simple.

  • Matt Trovato

    I like Stephanie’s note about the refs, because changing how you say “the referee didn’t see it” totally makes me feel like I’m not in grade school but now in high school where we use more fancy grammar.

  • the v

    Now i finally understand why heyman told punk he loves him instead of he hates him

  • Shawn OB

    I don’t even listen.

  • drew

    Well makes seance then when Paul Hayman said he is using a word here in the WWE don’t like he “hates” that person
    but I don’t think I was treated like a 4 year old when I am told the ref didn’t see it. But, I guess thats just me

  • Stumpy

    Is it just me, or are they still using those phrases? I could swear that I hear at least one or two of those phrases and words everytime I watch Raw. Just how old is this memo?

  • Shawn Bronald

    I guess we now see exactly why Matt Striker was fired.

  • Omar

    Oh God!