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- MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” recently did a story on women’s issues in this coming selection season.

Olbermann addressed Vince McMahon’s comments that he is fed up with “misleading and malicious attacks” on WWE and countered with, “Presumably it’s where one can stand up for his right to order a female performer to get on all fours and bark like a dog.” Olbermann was referring to the infamous Trish Stratus/Vince McMahon skit, and a clip aired of when the former Women’s Champion did this on live TV. He also showed a clip of Linda McMahon defending the segment during an ABC interview.

When asked if she should stop with negative portrayals of women, Linda responded that she believes in First Amendment rights, saying that people shouldn’t have a problem with it because they choose to watch the show.

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  • erik

    Well that was in 2000 10 years ago. vince was 54 years old and bush was on his first year in office many years ago. I wish wwe was tv14 now like it was in 2002-2007 great divas matches hardcore matches heel cena etc.

  • jim

    why wont olberman attack obama and his short comings??? anything anyone on MSNBC has to say is hog wash.

  • damkat

    The Media needs to understand that the WWE is a TV show. It is entertainment pure and simple. Do actors get bashed for what they do in character? Of course not. So why then would anyone thing the WWE should be held to a higher standard. They are characters on TV playing a role. I guess as far as the media is concerned the WWE must be real. Dump idiots.

  • rick

    “And your right this was 10 years ago, people change, I mean she was what? 50? well she’s 60 now and has matured a lot since then.” Yeah, I hear people really grow up once they hit 50.

  • raiden2

    What I’d like to know is why no one ever brings up the fact that Schwarzenegger has killed people in movies. Why is that any different? He gets a pass because he was just playing a character in a movie, but wrestling doesn’t?

  • DR

    Exactly cheese809, if my boss asked me to get on all fours and bark like a dog and air it on tv/youtube there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as I was cool with. That’s says nothing about my boss. Nothing at all. At no point can anyone question my bosses integrity, nor should they. And your right this was 10 years ago, people change, I mean she was what? 50? well she’s 60 now and has matured a lot since then. Hopefully the voters make the right the choice, if anything this shows what a great leader she can be.

  • [email protected]

    Oh god this garbage AGAIN?!?!

    1. It was a storyline. Trish agreed to do it. Keith Olbermann should go to Toronto and ask her personally what she felt about it.

    2. The WWE was a completely different product 10 years ago. The portrayal of women has changed a lot. Back then they showed skin, now they have to cover up and be “smart, sexy and powerful”.

    3. Linda’s right. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Liberals always want something to blame for their children’s upbringing instead of being responsible parents.

    4. What does this even have to do with politics??

    The media is so asinine, sometimes.

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