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– Linda McMahon has released her first political ad for the 2012 Senate campaign:

– John Cena thanked The Daily Show, Buddy from Cake Boss, Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Nigel Barker, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus for participating in World Wish Day with the Make-A-Wish Foundation this past weekend. He wrote this morning:

“On behalf of #MakeAWish I want to thank @justinbieber @MileyCyrus @CakeBossBuddy for participating in #WorldWishDay. On behalf of #MakeAWish I want to thank @NigelBarker @TheDailyShow and @tathiessen for participating in #WorldWishDay. For those unaware #WorldWishDay is the 32nd birthday of #MakeAWish it was celebrated this past sun/mon thank u to all others involved”

– Some of the WWE SmackDown talents are stuck in Toledo, Ohio this morning because flights are delayed due to heavy fog in the area.

  • Devil_Rising

    Linda has no business in politics, any more than Vince would.

    And even so, it’s really sad that political campaigns are based more off of the candidates telling you how much of a scumbag the OTHER guy is, and NOT talking about what THEY’RE going to do to make things better.



  • moo

    I can see the evil in her eyes.

  • Matt

    stevie P. It’s not a bad thing if its true. However, even if everybody worked really really hard, not all of them would be able to get rich, because the system won’t allow it. You can’t have a society composed exclusively of lawyers and business owners.

  • The Dashing One

    Wow young Linda was hot. Stephanie looks just like her at Linda’s young age. Sadly, Hunter thats what will happen to stephanie in 20 years, but lets enjoy that hot ass Milf Stephanie!


    Toledo Ohio what airport i’ll drive there right now

  • Stevie P

    Well, I think her and her husband worked hard and it made them rich. If the message is “Work hard and you can make more money”, is that a bad thing? (I didn’t watch the video, I’m just going off Matt’s comment above me)

  • Matt

    Another stupid republican that thinks that just because she managed to get rich that everybody can.

  • Allen

    Oh Linda. Just go back to WWE and stop trying to run this country. We basically already have cage matches in the Government. Just stop.

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