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WWE Hell In a Cell PPV Results – 10/28/2012

– The 2012 WWE Hell In a Cell YouTube pre-show kicks off with Scott Stanford and Matt Striker at ringside. They talk about tonight’s pay-per-view as we see fans filing into the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. They talk about the AJ Lee controversy and we go to a recap video from RAW.

– Striker and Stanford plug the Twitter war between Cena and Vickie Guerrero this past week. We go to the ring where Michael Cole is. He brings out John Cena.

Cena and Cole take a seat in the ring and Cole starts talking about the AJ controversy and Vickie promising to bring evidence to RAW. Cena says Cole smells like sewage. We get the first Twitter question about Cena passing of the torch to Ryback. Cena says there is no torch but Ryback is a monster and he’s looking forward to seeing what he does in the Cell. Next up is a Tout video from a fan. The fan asks Cena is he has advice for Ryback going into the Cell against CM Punk. The next Twitter question asks if Cena can beat Ryback. Cena asks the fans if they think he can beat Ryback and he gets a mixed reaction. Cena throws his hat in as the first to challenge Ryback if he wins the WWE Title tonight. Another question brings up The Rock and Cena says he wants another shot at The Rock, issuing another challenge.

They air a tout from Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler wants Cena to tell the truth about what’s going on. Cena says he knows Ziggler is in the back and calls him to the ring. Cole leaves and Ziggler’s music hits but out comes Vickie instead. Vickie enters the ring and says Cena is just mad because he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Ziggler tries to attack from behind but Cena sends him right back to the floor with a clothesline.

– More hype from Striker and Stanford for tonight’s pay-per-view. We get a promo video for Big Show vs. Sheamus.

– Josh Mathews is backstage with World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. Sheamus says tonight’s match might be the biggest of his career so he’s not surprised he’s the underdog. Sheamus guarantees two things – he will never back down for a fight and tonight he has a Brogue Kick with Show’s name on it.

– More hype for tonight including a promo video for CM Punk vs. Ryback.

– The 2012 WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view opens with a hype video for tonight’s big matches. We’re live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia as the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to Hell In a Cell. He’s joined by Jim Ross and JBL. We see the Cell hanging high above the ring.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring for tonight’s opener as Ricardo Rodriguez begins to introduce Alberto Del Rio. Out next comes Randy Orton to a big pop.

The bell rings and Orton strikes with a knee. Orton unloads on Del Rio and takes him to the corner. Orton tosses Del Rio out to the floor and follows with a clothesline. Orton slams Del Rio’s face into the announcers table and then sends him face first into the ring post. Orton brings it back into the ring and stomps away. Orton keeps control and beats Del Rio down in another corner. Ricardo distracts and Del Rio sends Orton into the ring post and then the floor. Del Rio works Orton’s arm over on the floor now.

Del Rio brings it back in the ring and continues working on Orton’s arm. Orton fights back but Del Rio beats him down. Del Rio goes to the top but Orton fights him off. Del Rio blocks and applies an armbreaker with the ropes. Del Rio breaks the hold and sends Orton shoulder first into the ring post. Del Rio charges with a big kick to the back and continues the assault. Del Rio with a takedown and a 2 count. Orton turns it around in the corner for a close roll up 2 count. Del Rio comes right back to work on Orton’s arm and gets in a pin attempt. Del Rio goes on and uses the ropes again for another arm submission. Orton tosses Del Rio to the floor this time.

Orton makes a comeback with clotheslines. Orton goes on but Del Rio counters a powerslam with another armbreaker. Orton comes back with a backbreaker and a 2 count. Orton gets Del Rio on the apron but Del Rio blocks the draping DDT and takes back control of the match. Del Rio mocks Orton’s pose and hits the mat. Del Rio goes for a RKO but Orton blocks it and hits the draping DDT on him from the apron. Orton drops down this time and sells the arm injury. Del Rio blocks the RKO with a backstabber for 2. Orton counters Del Rio now and hits a big powerslam. Orton with a 2 count. Orton stomps away in the corner now. Orton with headbutts. Orton takes Del Rio to the top. Del Rio fights him off and hits a chest stomp as Orton is upside down in the corner. Del Rio with a close 2 count. Del Rio stomps Orton and goes back to the top. Del Rio just lands on his feet in an odd move. Orton with a dropkick. Del Rio blocks a RKO and sends Orton to the corner. Orton blocks him. Ricardo pulls Orton’s shoulder into the ring post. Del Rio applies the armbreaker in the middle of the ring but Orton struggles with him. Del Rio tightens the hold but Orton turns it into a close 2 count. Del Rio goes for the big kick in the corner but Orton catches him with a huge RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– The announcers talk about the AJ Lee controversy and we see footage from the pre-show where Dolph Ziggler tried to attack John Cena. Josh Mathews is backstage with Vickie Guerrero. She says she will have photos to prove John Cena and AJ Lee had an affair. She invites AJ to come to RAW and defend herself in person. Vickie turns around to leave and in comes Paul Heyman. Heyman says CM Punk shouldn’t have to face Ryback tonight. Vickie says she’s not going to cancel the match and it’s clear Punk is scared of Ryback. Heyman gets upset and says Punk isn’t afraid of anyone. Heyman says Vickie has been doing a good job and doesn’t want to mess that up.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan

We go to the ring and out first comes one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan. The pyro goes off and out next comes his partner Kane. The challengers Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes are out next.

Rhodes and Sandow mock the champs and cut a promo on the way to the ring. Bryan starts off with Sandow and they lock up. Bryan turns it around in the corner and unloads with kicks. They run the ropes and Bryan hits a knee to the gut and tags in Kane for some double teaming but Sandow avoids it and tags in Rhodes. Kane pulls Rhodes in and hits a big dropkick to the face for a 2 count. Kane works Cody over in the corner now. Bryan comes in for some more double teaming and a 2 count. Bryan stomps on Cody’s arm and hits a big uppercut followed by more kicks in the corner.

Kane comes in and drops Cody with a boot. More offense on Cody and another 2 count. Sandow tags himself in as Cody kicks Kane in the face. Sandow stops Kane from chokeslamming Cody. Sandow takes Kane to the corner and beats him down. Cody gets in a cheap shot. Another tag to Cody and more double teaming. Quick tags for Sandow and Rhodes here. Kane fights off Sandow and Rhodes but Cody takes out his knee. More double teaming in the corner. Kane and Sandow go at it now. Sandow comes off the second rope but Kane connects with a huge right hand. Bryan tags in and clotheslines Sandow. Bryan with kicks in the corner now. More back and forth until Bryan takes Sandow down with a big clothesline. Bryan with more nasty kicks now. Sandow ducks a kick but Bryan knocks Cody off the apron and sends Sandow to the floor. Bryan runs and dives through the ropes, taking Sandow out. Bryan brings Sandow back in the ring but Cody grabs his leg. Sandow takes advantage and knocks Bryan back to the floor. Sandow brings it in the ring for 2.

Cody comes in and hits a running knee for 2. Another tag to Sandow and another pin attempt on Bryan. Sandow with more offense on Bryan and a 2 count. Cody tags back in and they continue the attack on Bryan. Bryan fights out of the corner but Cody hits another knee to the gut for a 2 count. Sandow comes back in for some more double teaming. Sandow drops knees and stomps away now. Sandow with a 2 count. Sandow with a leg sweep for the Elbow of Disdain for 2. Sandow with a headlock now. More back and forth now. Bryan goes for the No Lock but can’t get it. Bryan sends Sandow into the turnbuckles and tags in Kane as Cody tags in. Kane drops Cody twice and hits a big backdrop. Kane with a clothesline in the corner, followed by another. Kane hits the big sideslam for a 2 count.

Kane goes to the top but Cody stops him. Kane sends Cody to the mat. Kane readies for a chokeslam but Bryan tags himself in. Bryan hits a big headbutt from the top but Kane breaks the count at 2. Kane and Bryan argue now. Sandow pulls Kane to the floor and they brawl. Bryan backdrops Cody to the floor and he hits Kane. Bryan runs off the apron but Cody moves and Bryan’s knee hits Kane, sending him back down. Kane pulls Bryan back to the floor and they argue some more. They start shoving each other. Cody and Sandow slide and kick Kane. Cody brings Bryan in the ring and hits Cross Rhodes for 2 as Kane breaks it up. Kane beats Cody down in the corner and pulls Sandow in. Kane is going crazy as the referee tries to get him out of the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners by DQ: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

– Kane pushes the referee off and pushes Bryan to the mat. Kane continues going crazy and chokeslams his opponents. Kane clears the ring. Bryan starts arguing with him some more until Kane makes the ring explode with pyro. They argue some more as Bryan heads to the back.

– The Miz is backstage with Josh Mathews. He talks about how doomsday is coming with Kofi Kingston as Intercontinental Champion. Miz says he will continue to be awesome and in the process, save the world.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. Out next comes The Miz.

The bell rings and they go at it. Miz goes for Skull Crushing Finale early and Kofi goes for Trouble In Paradise early but neither hit. Miz comes back in and takes a cheap shot. Kofi tackles him and mounts him with right hands. Kofi tosses Miz out of the ring and stops him from coming back in. Kofi works Miz over on the floor but runs into a big boot after dodging a shot into the steel steps. Miz brings it back in and covers Kofi for 2. Miz with a headlock on the mat now. Kofi tries to fight out but Miz pulls him to the mat by his hair. Miz with a kick to the face and a 2 count. Miz hits the big clothesline in the corner and goes to the top. Miz comes off the top with a big shot and gets another 2 count.

Miz charges again but Kofi hits him with a clothesline. They get up and Kofi takes control. Kofi with a dropkick, a big right hand and the Boom Drop. Kofi calls for Trouble In Paradise but Miz heads out to the floor and back in. Miz goes for a big boot but Kofi rolls him up for 2. Kofi with a huge crossbody from the corner and another 2 count. Kofi blocks a shot but goes for SOS. Miz blocks it with a neckbreaker attempt. Kofi blocks that and nails SOS for a 2 count. They go back and forth until Miz yanks Kofi to the mat by his leg. Kofi sells the leg injury as Miz stomps away.

Miz goes to work on Kofi’s leg now. Miz takes off Kofi’s knee pads and exposes the injured leg. Miz with more shots to Kofi’s knee. Miz with a single-leg Boston Crab now. Kofi finally fights out and rolls Miz up for a close 2 count. Miz goes back to work on the leg and hits a big DDT for 2. Miz calls for the Skull Crushing Finale but Kofi blocks it for another roll up. Kofi misses Trouble In Paradise but blocks another SCF. Kofi blocks it again and kicks Miz to the floor. Miz comes right back in but Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– After the match, Matt Striker interviews Kofi in the ring. He thanks The Miz for pushing a new side out of him. Kofi says he’s rejuvenated and proud to be the Intercontinental Champion. Kofi is hype as he celebrates some more.

– Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage arguing about their loss.

WWE United States Title Match: Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro comes out and cuts a promo before Justin Gabriel makes his way to the ring.

Cesaro starts off by taking Gabriel down. Gabriel fights out and they trade shots. More back and forth action. Gabriel goes to the top but Cesaro shoves him off and out to the floor. Cesaro follows and drops Gabriel over the apron. Cesaro brings it back in and drops a leg drop for a 2 count. Cesaro with a big uppercut as Gabriel tries to fight back. Cesaro with another pin attempt. Cesaro drops Gabriel with another uppercut to the head and covers for 2.

Gabriel tries to fight back again but can’t get it going. Cesaro tosses him from the top turnbuckle and covers for another 2 count. Cesaro stomps on Gabriel twice and covers for another pin attempt. Gabriel with kicks to the head but Cesaro isn’t having it. Cesaro keeps Gabriel grounded on the mat now. Gabriel turns it around and connects with a moonsault for a 2 count. Gabriel charges but Cesaro runs over him with a big clothesline for another 2 count. Gabriel with a pin attempt of his own for 2. More attempts by Gabriel after a big DDT. Gabriel goes to the top and misses the 450. Gabriel comes out of the corner with an inverted DDT but Cesaro kicks out at 2. Gabriel kicks through the ropes and sends Cesaro into the barrier. Gabriel springboards out to the floor but Cesaro nails a huge uppercut in mid-air. Cesaro rolls him back in the ring and hits The Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

– We get a promo video for Ryback.

– Vickie Guerrero is backstage talking to a crew member when Heyman walks up. Heyman says CM Punk is happy because Vickie has canceled Hell In a Cell. Vickie is confused. She says the match is still on and if they have a problem with that, they know where to go. Heyman walks off.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

We go to the ring and out comes Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Out next comes Darren Young and Titus O’Neil.

Young and Cara start things off. Young slams Cara to the mat. Cara comes back with kicks and unloads, sending Young to the corner. Rey tags in now and they double team Young. Rey with a 2 count. Rey goes for 619 but Young stops him and tosses him across the ring. Young tags in Titus for some double teaming on Rey. Titus works over Rey and takes him to the corner for another tag to Young and more double teaming.

Young with pin attempts on Rey. Young keeps Rey grounded to the mat now. Rey fights out with kicks but Young takes him to the corner and tags back in Titus for more double teaming. Rey manages to tag in Cara. Cara comes in with a missile dropkick and a back elbow. Cara kicks Young and catches Titus in the face. Cara springboards in and hits a crossbody for 2. Cara with kicks now. Titus catches him and rams him back into the corner before dropping him over his knee three times. Titus tosses Cara to the side and poses with Young. Young tags back in and they double team Cara some more. Young with a big sideslam and another pin attempt. Young with a body scissors now.

They get back to their feet and Cara manages to fall on top of Young for a 2 count. Titus comes back in and continues the assault on Cara. Titus manhandles Cara again and tags in Young for some more double team moves. Young taunts Cara now. Cara fights back but Young runs over him with a clothesline. More posing by Young. Cara kicks him but Young comes right back with offense. Titus comes back in and talks trash to Cara. Cara fights back but Titus kicks him to the mat. Titus with a big suplex and a 2 count. The assault on Cara goes on and on. Cara finally tags in Rey as Young tags in. Rey unloads and hits the senton from the top. Rey with a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a 2 count. More back and forth. Cara takes out Titus on the floor. Rey ends up hitting 619 on Young and splashing him for the win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

– After the match, WWE trainers are looking at Cara at ringside. He’s holding his head as Rey comes out to check on him and we see replays. Cara shakes it off and returns to the ring to celebrate with Mysterio.

– We get a promo video for tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Big Show vs. Sheamus

We go to the ring and out first comes the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus to a big pop. The challenger Big Show is out next.

Tony Chimel does formal ring introductions as we get ready to go. The bell rings and they lock up. Show shoves Sheamus to the mat. Sheamus with a headlock but Show lifts him off his feet. Show with a big shoulder. They trade shots coming out of the corner now. Show turns it around and beats Sheamus down. Show with a big chop to the chest now. Show beats Sheamus down again and headbutts him. Show with more offense and another big chop to the chest.

We see Dolph Ziggler watching backstage with his Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. Show goes for another big chop but Sheamus fights back. Show turns it around and splashes Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus comes right back and takes Show’s knee out. Show goes to the floor to re-group as Sheamus waits and the referee counts. Show comes back in the ring but Sheamus attacks. They go to the corner and Sheamus unloads. Sheamus spears Show back into the corner. Show grabs Sheamus out of nowhere and tosses him to the floor. Show comes to the floor and continues the attack around the ring. Show tosses Sheamus into the fan barrier and brings it back in the ring. Show works Sheamus over on the ropes now. Sheamus tries to fight back and gets to his feet. Show catches him with a big sideslam for 2.

Show continues the assault and steps on top of Sheamus. More offense by Big Show. Show steps on the jaw now as the referee counts him. Show taunts Sheamus and continues the attack. They go back to the floor and Show tosses Sheamus over the announcers table. Show brings it back in but only gets a 2 count. Sheamus fights back again but Show throws him back to the floor. Sheamus fights his way back in and hits a shoulder over the top rope. Sheamus with rights and lefts but Show runs over him with a big kick and gets another 2 count. Sheamus finally fights back with some intensity but Show grabs him in a bearhug and slows the match back down.

Sheamus fights out but lands bad on his back on the outside. Sheamus ends up on top and Show grabs him for a chokeslam. Sheamus dodges it but runs into another chokeslam for a 2 count. Show goes for the Colossal Clutch but Sheamus blocks it. show misses an elbow drop and Sheamus makes a comeback. Sheamus goes for the Cloverleaf but Show kicks him out to the floor. They end up back in the ring. Sheamus goes for a battering ram but Show catches him. Sheamus blocks it and they trade shots. Sheamus knocks Show off his feet finally. Sheamus scoops Show and nails White Noise but Show kicks out at 2. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Show catches him and nails the knockout punch for a close 2 count. Show readies for another knockout punch but Sheamus ducks and hits the Brogue for another close 2 count. They get up and Sheamus goes for another Brogue. Show catches him in mid-air with a knockout punch for the win and the World Heavyweight Title.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Big Show

– After the match, Show celebrates as we go to replays. We come back and Show is heading to the back while Sheamus recovers in the ring. Sheamus exits the ring holding his jaw.

– Eve Torres tries to stop Booker T backstage but he’s going to check on Sheamus. Teddy Long appears and says Kaitlyn and Layla will get payback on her tonight. Zack Ryder appears and he’s dressed as a witch. He says he’s dressed as Eve Torres. They rag Eve and she storms off. Santino Marella comes in and he’s dressed as Lady Gaga. Ron Simmons appears and lets out a “DAMN!”

– Vince McMahon is backstage on the phone with someone talking about Big Show. CM Punk appears and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. Punk wants Vince to cancel the match with Ryback tonight. Vince asks Punk if he’s lacking confidence or is intimidated by Ryback. Punk says no to both and he’s not fearful of Ryback. Vince suggests Punk prove to everyone tonight that he is the best in the world. Punk walks off.

WWE Divas Title Match: Layla vs. Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres

We go to the ring and out first comes the WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres. Out next comes Layla followed by Kaitlyn.

The bell rings and they go at it. Kaitlyn and Layla take turns with shots on Eve after bringing her back in the ring. Layla with a 2 count after more double teaming. Layla and Kaitlyn have words now. They both try to pin Eve at the same time and get a 2 count. Kaitlyn kicks Layla and they go at it. Layla with a pin attempt. They trade pin attempts now. Eve comes over and gets involved now. Eve drops Layla on her face and kicks her out to the floor.

Eve goes to work on Kaitlyn now and focuses on her leg with a submission. Eve pulls Kaitlyn back away from the ropes and keeps the attack on her leg. Layla comes back in but Eve meets her. Layla with a kick to the mouth. Layla comes in and drops Eve with another kick. Layla unloads in the corner and hits a springboard for 2. Layla goes down on her leg as does Eve, both in the split position. Kaitlyn comes over and sends Eve to the floor. Kaitlyn with a snap suplex on Layla and an armbar submission. Layla fights back but Kaitlyn lifts her up and drops her over the knee. Kaitlyn misses a clothesline and Layla kicks her down. Eve breaks the pin up at 2. Eve tosses Layla to the floor and covers for 2 as Layla comes back in and breaks it up. All three go at it now. Kaitlyn with a roll up on Eve. Kaitlyn ends up hitting a bulldog on Eve and Eve goes to the floor. Kaitlyn with offense on Kaitlyn in the corner now. Kaitlyn runs into a big boot and hits a crossbody but Kaitlyn rolls through and powerslams Layla for 2. Eve breaks the pin with a shot off the top. Eve takes advantage and covers Layla for the win.

Winner: Eve Torres

– Josh Mathews is backstage with new World Heavyweight Champion Big Show. Show says he is at the pinnacle of his career. He dares anyone in WWE to try and take the title from him.

– Matt Striker is backstage and we see Sheamus being tended to by WWE trainers in the background.

– We get a promo video for tonight’s main event and see the Cell being lowered around the ring.

Hell In a Cell for the WWE Title: Ryback vs. CM Punk

Out first comes WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman right behind him. Punk shakes hands and embraces Heyman before entering the Cell. Out next comes the #1 contender Ryback to a big pop.

Ryback enters the Cell and we get official ring introductions from Justin Roberts. Ryback is introduced to a big pop and the crowd chants “feed me more.” The door to the Cell is chained and locked as we get ready to go. Punk goes to the floor and stalls to start the match. Punk dodges Ryback a few times and goes to the floor. Punk manages to get one chop in from the corner but Ryback finally gets his hands on him after Punk’s stalling. Ryback lifts Punk up and throws him into the ropes. Ryback with a big boot to the face. Ryback slams Punk’s head on the mat now. Ryback whips Punk hard into the corner and he goes down. Ryback runs into a boot in the corner but tosses Punk across the ring. Ryback clotheslines Punk out onto the floor.

Punk tries to get out of the door but Ryback comes over and throws him into the steel. Ryback works Punk over. Punk ends up crawling under the ring. Heyman screams at Ryback. Ryback turns around and Punk sprays him with a fire extinguisher from under the ring. Punk comes up from under the ring and tackles Ryback into the Cell. Punk with knees to the gut now. Punk grabs a steel chair but Ryback kicks it into his face. Ryback throws the chair into the Cell. Ryback lifts Punk up high and throws him back in the ring. Ryback follows and lifts Punk up high again. Ryback drops Punk on his face and gets the crowd to chanting again.

Punk ducks a shot and turns it around. Punk comes in off the top and takes Ryback down. Punk goes back to the top and barely connects on the way down. Punk goes back to the top and takes Ryback to one knee. Punk goes to the top again but Ryback catches him and rams him back into the corner. Ryback with shoulder thrusts. Punk comes back with a kick to the face and both go down. Punk leaps out to the floor but Ryback doesn’t go down and Punk hits the Cell. Punk with a neckbreaker on the floor but Ryback gets up. Punk goes on and Ryback blocks another neckbreaker. Punk gets caught but slides out of a hold. Punk sends Ryback shoulder first into the steel steps. Heyman cheers Punk on from outside of the Cell.

Back in the ring and Punk is on Ryback’s back. Ryback powers up and out, sending Punk to the mat. Ryback with a spear in the corner but Punk moves. Punk with the high knee in the corner and a clothesline. Punk goes back to the top and nails the elbow drop. Punk goes back under the ring and brings out a kendo stick. Punk hits Ryback several times with the stick. Ryback gets up anyway and takes the shots. Ryback grabs the kendo stick and throws it away. Punk looks shocked. Ryback takes advantage and slams Punk hard. The crowd chants for Ryback. Ryback nails the big clothesline and calls for Shell Shocked. He scoops Punk up but the referee stops him. The referee low blows Ryback. Punk rolls Ryback up and the referee makes a quick 3 count to end the match.

Winner: CM Punk

– After the match, Punk and the referee try to leave the Cell but the cage is locked. Another referee is having trouble getting it open. Ryback comes out and lays the referee out on the floor. Ryback grabs Punk and throws him into the Cell wall. Ryback goes back to the referee and tosses him into the Cell wall. This is the same referee who got involved with Punk on RAW weeks ago. Ryback rolls the referee into the ring and runs him over with a clothesline. Ryback presses the referee high and throws him out of the ring and into the Cell wall. Heyman finally gets the Cell open and drags Punk out. Ryback stops him and Heyman runs away. Ryback whips Punk into the Cell but Punk leaps onto it and climbs to the very top of the Cell. Ryback climbs up after him. Ryback catches Punk on top of the Cell and lifts him for Shell Shocked. Ryback nails Shell Shocked on top of the Cell. Ryback pulls his straps down and stands tall on the Cell. The fans chant “feed me more.” We go to replays. Hell In a Cell goes off the air with Ryback putting his foot down on Punk’s chest on the top of the Cell.

  • Bill E. Bob

    When are they gonna have a women’s HiaC??

  • paul s

    Rocky sucks Dick, rocky sucks ass, rocky sucks balls. Lick a Dick faggot

  • Dan

    @D2K- I know I can’t tell what everyone is thinking, did I claim that absolutely no one saw it coming? I said it was unexpected; not original or unthinkable. I’m not a fan of the finish, but I think its better than having Ryback pretty much squash Punk or some of the other rumoured and suggested finishes. And if you’ve been watching wrestling for over 27 years, congratulations.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    All I can say is… what a major disappointment this ppv was.

  • Ricardo

    I meant Charles RobinsON in the last post. Damn keyboard.

  • Ricardo

    @D2K: You are absolutely right. I do think it was predictable. It was either this or Ryback being screwed by Lesnar, like Scott Hall did when Nash beat Goldberg (a couple of people mentioned it in the forum, and got negative comments because none of the kids here remember it). This referee angle has been done SO many times before. But again, nobody remembers Charles Robins siding up with Ric Flair in WCW anymore. “Little Naitch”!

  • D2K

    @Dan: So according to YOU because no one in the ‘forum’ posted what happened in advance, therefore THAT makes it unexpected.

    Never mind the fact that you have NO IDEA what anyone else is thinking.

    Never mind the fact that not everyone whom posts here chimed in on this particular subject.

    Never mind the fact that there are 7 billion people on planet Earth and I’m pretty sure someone came up with that finish somewhere.

    Never mind the fact that a heel referee screwing someone out of a match has happened dozens of times.

    None of that matters because no one ‘POSTED’ on’s message board that it would happen, therefore based on that fact alone that means it IS unexpected.

    Why not just come out and say that you liked the finish and enjoyed what happened rather than trying (and failing) to play semantics. There is nothing wrong with that. I’ve been a wrestling fan probably longer than you’ve been alive. I’ve seen it all. The only time something unexpected happens in this current WWE product is when something unfortunate happens like a serious injury. Storyline wise is it more predictable than a soap-opera. That is why I don’t watch it unless there is a return of a big name, or something in that category. Gotta love DVR.

  • Zedd

    Should have just had Punk go under the ring again and Ryback crawls after him and while they are under there the cell collapses in on it’s self.

  • Devil_Rising

    Ryback: Quite possibly the single dumbest WWE mega-push since Bobby Lashley…….

  • CM Mark

    It was too early for Ryback to be the WWE champ. I’d give it a 6/10, it wasn’t a great match. Nowhere near Punk’s usual PPV standards. I did feel shome shades of Flair in Punk tonight though. Let’s see what happens in NC on RAW.

  • Matthew Carter

    While I don’t like the fact that Ryback lost, I think it was the best option they could come up with last minute for the finish, and given the refs previous main event involvement, it makes sense. This makes Punk look like an even bigger heel, makes Ryback look strong, and sets up a possible rematch for tomorrow night on Raw. If there isn’t a rematch tomorrow night on Raw, here’s what happens- Survivor series is a 5 Man Team Ryback-Cena vs Team Punk Match. Royal Rumble will be Punk vs Rock, Ryback wins the Battle Royal, Elimination Chamber will be Punk/Rock/Cena/TBD/TBD/TBD, and WM will be Ryback vs whoever the champion is.

  • Rocky sucks

    Paul s is the epitamy of a loser

  • paul s

    Shit finish, short match, punk deserves abetter opponent anyway , and a completely pointless main event for ryback cuz he wont be back to it when fucking boringsupercena returns properly. Gotta feel bad for sheamus, long ritle run to be ended by big show of all ppl. Ziggler would make a bettr champ and it would have been an amazing match. But no, big show gets his millionth push. Shite! Still happy punk retained though.

  • rich

    That was such a screwjob. Ryback should have started smashing WWE equipment and punch out Vince McMahon

  • Apacaveli

    Ryback Suffers His First Lose Thanx To Shadey Reff Low Blowing Him In The Nuts Then Cm Punk Rolls His Beefy Ass Up 1 2 3 Fast Count But Funny Finish Here Is Your Winner and Still WWE Champ Cm Punk.But Damn Cm Punk Sure Did Pay For That Screwjob Damn Ryback Lays Out Cm Punk Out With Shellshocked On Top Of The Cell..

  • Dan

    ^ Near enough every person on this site came up with a finish to the match; no contests due to cell collapse/Punk managing to escape and just running/both mens shoulders being on the mat, numerous theories on who would run in and cost either Punk or Ryback the match, etc. Not one person said the referee himself would deliberately screw Ryback. Therefore its unexpected, whether or not it was a good ending is another debate. Your point is just ridiculous.

  • SYM

    Fucking nigger finish, and it’s so lame they didn’t have enough vickie

  • Superman

    @Rocky sucks

    Coz its my opinion?? Just coz you think differently does that mean i should question you? No.. Get over yourself..

  • JohnCena33

    Unexpected is this:
    John Cena drives a monster truck into the cell structure, wrecking it while match is going on. It distracts Punk and Ryback hits shellshocked.
    Ryback hits shellshocked again on top of the monster truck for the win.

    We all know if that happened we would be saying WTF WTF WTF, and everyone would be cheering.

    (Yes I know, that was kind of like a SCSA move, but hey, its unexpected).

  • JohnCena33

    I knew match would end in some BS way. SO not really.

  • D2K

    Looks like they ‘tried’ to find a way to have Punk keep the title, give Ryback a nice main event rub, and not kill off his momentum.

    Unfortunately they failed miserably, but it’s pretty much what I expected.

    I’m just gonna ask a honest question for everyone. Anyone can give their own individual take on this. Does anything that WWE does at this point surprise you anymore, good or bad? Seriously.

    My take on it is that there is no one left in the company in the decision making capacity that has the right balance of creativity and lack of ego to give us a refreshing and unpredictable product.

    Either they are rehashing something we have already seen before, giving us something we never once asked for and was a bad idea to start with, or taking what was actually a good idea at the beginning and purposefully ruining it to serve no purpose other than to irritate Federation and Attitude Era WWE fans and tickle themselves.

    ALL of these attributes apply to the CM Punk/Ryback feud and match in some way.

    They are smart enough to know what we want and they actually do know what we want. But I say again, stuff like this doesn’t surprise me anymore. It’s what they do. It’s what they have become.

  • DC40

    It’s sad to see how much the quality of WWE has gone down. RIP WWE and it’s because of Linda’s politics and the “PG” era.

  • Rocky sucks

    But superman seriously it wasn’t even bad so why day that u clown

  • Superman

    @Anon give it up? Lol this is the first time i’ve ever commented on here. just wanted to put my opinin over

  • Rocky sucks

    I wish the cell would of collapse when he shell shocked on top of cell

  • DJ

    Thought the ending was better than usual! Was great when he threw the ref! Ouch!! Now they just have to get ziggler going!

  • Anon


    Give it up. He’s not turning heel. As bad as some (well, most..) want it, you might as well not bring it up as something that “should have” happened, cause it’s just not going to.

  • Rocky sucks

    TNA sucks TNA sucks TNA sucks

  • Kristy

    Terrible, I want my money back. The only save was if Ziggler cashed in. Do they think we are stupid? When Vikki was RAW GM she was “with” Edge, who cares if AJ and Cena pretend banged???? New writers please????????

  • Dan

    At least it was completely unexpected…

  • KJ


  • Prince


  • Superman

    Wow that was bad. Totally should of had cena run in a do the low blow to ryback turning cena heel at the same time passing the torch to ryback that would set up punk vs rock and cena vs ryback would of given ryback a monster push for the fans to react to..

  • d2

    i’m guessing the scott hall references are due to hall using a stun gun on goldberg when kevin nash ended the streak

  • cakes

    wasn’t that the same referee that CM Punk called out and made him apologize during the whole NOC draw angle?

  • Tony A


  • FanSince99

    Finally there is a new world champion, now lets work on putting the belt on a future star instead of the 40+ year old giant, but still congrats to The Big Show

  • gkjgkjg

    Katilyn did the Stratusfaction O_o

  • Tony A

    I thought Night of Champions was last month…


    just an fyi…

    you guys can stream every ppv on ur PS3 if u got one.

    just go to FIRSTROW.EU and click wwe. simple. easy. free



  • jim

    How do you only have one hell in a cell match at a PPV called Hell in a Cell? Lame..


    glad to have a reliable site that keeps me covered on the PPV while I work.

  • JohnCena33

    Why would Punk be jumped by Hall (who probably will never return to WWE) or by Nash (who wanted to form a group with Punk). Neither will not happen. If he was going to be jumped it would be by Lesnar becuase he would be pissed that Heyman is representing Punk and not him.

  • Luke

    I want an Orton heel turn tonight

  • Unique

    Close…..I think it will be Nash attacking Punk (maybe not tonight). He is the next one on the longest reign list right?

  • SYM

    I get this feeling Ryback will get jumped by Scott Hall.

  • JohnCena33

    Orton vs Del Rio was a little sloppy.


    doesnt Punk have first dibs if Ryback wins? rematch clause?

    I wouldnt be surprised if they jew Punk tonight.

  • Dan

    I’m a big Ziggler fan, I would prefer he won the belt without needing to cash in on a prone champion. Nowadays hardly anyone becomes a first time champion (I don’t count him being presented the title for half a show as a reign) unless they cash in MITB.

  • Jake

    Ryback needs to be on the lookout for Scott Hall tonight

  • Carlito

    if Ziggler fails at cashng in I’m done with WWE for a while…he deserves it!

  • Jedi Master Yoda

    Ryback d. Punk
    Big Show d. Sheamus, then Ziggler cashes in
    Team Hell No d. Team Rhodes Scholars
    Miz d. Kofi
    Eve d. Layla, katlyn
    Del Rio d. Orton

  • JohnCena33

    Ziggler isn’t on the card, so WWE must have something planned for him, and the only thing I can think of is to cash in. I mean what better way to put Ziggler in the spotlight than having him cash in tonight and defending at Survivor Series.

  • Albert

    Im most excited for the Divas tripple threat, Dont judge me! I cant remember the last time us diva fans have had a storyline thats had some effort put into it 🙂

  • JohnCena33

    BTW, hope the finish of Punk vs Ryback doesn’t make one of them look weak. Both deserve to stay strong coming out of this match so whether it is by interference, DQ, or botch call, keep both strong.

  • Albert

    ^ Eve will retain and Ziggler wont cash in!

  • JohnCena33

    Punk d. Ryback
    Sheamus d. Show, then Ziggler cashes in
    Team Hell No d. Team Rhodes Scholars
    Kofi d. Miz
    Layla d. Eve and Katlyn
    Orton d. Del Rio