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*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – March 25th

by Staff - Mar 22, 2011

– Thanks to Eric Haynes for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Columbus, Ohio:

Dark Match:

* Trent Baretta defeated Curt Hawkins

SmackDown, Airing March 25th:

* Booker T comes out to the announcer’s table and gets a big pop while Michael Cole gets major heat.

* SmackDown begins with Teddy Long backstage telling Edge that if he or Alberto Del Rio fight before WrestleMania 27 then they will both be banned from the show. Christian tells Edge to stay away from the match tonight.

* Rey Mysterio defeats CM Punk by DQ in a WrestleMania Rewind match. Cody Rhodes came out and attacked Rey with a knee brace on.

* Edge tells Christian backstage that he will still be in his corner tonight.

* Edge defeats Drew McIntyre and spears him after the match.

* Layla and Michelle McCool beat Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes in a quick match. Layla had her hair done like Snooki and they were mocking her. Layla cut a promo on their WrestleMania opponents after the match.

* Wade Barrett beat Kofi Kingston to become the new IC Champion when The Corre interfered and caused Kofi to be distracted. After the match, Justin Gabriel hit Kofi with a 450 Splash.

* Teddy Long tells Alberto Del Rio backstage the same thing he told Edge earlier. It will be the person who initiates the physical contact that will be removed from the WrestleMania title match.

* The Undertaker came out and talked about his WrestleMania match with Triple H. Nothing special or new here. Taker says he can’t wait to see Triple H on RAW.

* Jack Swagger beat R-Truth by submission and celebrated with Michael Cole after the match.

* Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio with the Killswitch. Del Rio taunted Edge, who was in Christian’s corner. Edge acted like he was going to hit Del Rio with a chair. Christian ended up hitting Del Rio with the chair.

  • mabry

    Barret vs Big Show vs Kane vs Kofi for the IC title at Mania. The Corre should also defend their tag titles in some multi tag match…
    BTW, whats McIntyre gonna do at mania?, so much for the “chosen one”…

  • evilangel

    I’m not ordering mania until the 3-way is oficially signed between cena, rock, and miz. There really isn’t anything worth watching at this years mania other than that and the hhh/taker match.

  • Joshy

    Kofi kingston… Say goodbye

  • BuckieKid

    @ hunter lol was gonna ask that myself

  • J

    how come The Rock hasn’t come on to his show yet? I mean, Wrestlemania is for both brands anyway.

  • d

    2 wins in a row over del rio I think that says add christian to the mania title match

  • Bryan

    I also attended the tapings and have a couple of things I want to add.

    Christian vs Del Rio was by far the match of the night. Went close to 15 minutes.

    I was in the 4th row behind the announcers table and in the front row were 4 soldiers.

    After the dark match, Big Show, Christian and Rey Mysterio all came over to where they were, gave them hugs and shook their hands. Rey wrestled in a yellow shirt and gave it to one of the soldiers.

    Rey stayed a good 20-25 minutes after the match going all the way around ring side signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans.

  • Automattic

    @Chris I like the idea (I preferred WCW back in the day), but I think drg is right, they could do the same think without changing the names. More importantly, I don’t think Vince has any desire to bring back the WCW name…although he did briefly revive his own rendition of ECW, so it’s not entirely out of the question.

  • drg

    @Chris just changing the name to wcw wouldnt get ratings. They could do all of that while keeping it named smackdown. We’ve seen the brand rivalry before and its had varying results.

  • Chris

    Radical idea here, just brainstorming, it’s clear to me that smackdown keeps getting worse compared to raw. So what if to breathe life into things after the post wrestlemania draft they change from the smackdown v raw format to WWE (raw) v WCW (smackdown)?

    It would spice things up for sure. I bet it would increase ratings for smackdown which of course trumps everything. Its a dilemma for sure, smackdown is a secondary show for the WWE because of the ratings, but are the rating like that because it’s a secondary show?

    Spread the good names around between the 2 shows instead of stacking the deck on Raw. Bring in someone in a leadership role like Shane, Stephanie, or an outside name to come up with the idea of bringing WCW back.

    I’ve never been a fan of the brand extension, but if they are going to do it and keep doing this would be the ultimate brand extension

  • finallythekingjoinsin


  • theviewtvshow

    sounds like a solid smackdown. wwe pisses on tna, man I would to fluff del rio just something about his manliness that just turns me on 😉

  • Hunter

    How many minutes of wrestling, stan?

  • Robinson

    Christian deserves a title shot and win at wrestlmania but it wont ever happen.

  • wwe=G-rated

    i have a feeling christian is gonna help del rio win the title last minute at mania to start a edge and christian feud which will give others a chance a shot at the title by having edge out of the picture

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