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Main Event Rating, Why WWE Didn’t Mention Lafayette, Network

– The November 21st episode of WWE Main Event with Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz did a 0.7 rating with 1.2 million viewers. This is in line with Ion’s primetime weekly average of a 0.8 rating and 1.09 million viewers.

– WWE employees continue to work on the Network but there is no word, even internally, of a planned launch date. Before now, WWE officials at least had an internal time frame but not anymore.

– When RAW was in Lafayette, Louisiana this past Monday, there was a ban on mentioning the name of the city because apparently it’s not a big enough city. There were no graphics for the city and the announcers were told not to mention it by name. Apparently John Cena didn’t get the memo as he mentioned Lafayette by name when he came out to cut his in-ring promo.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • chronoxiong

    Good thing Mick Foley wasn’t in the show. Or else, we would’ve had problems.

  • Jeff

    wwe better get used to mention small towns because thats the only places where it will be able to sold out an event at the rate they are going.

  • voice of reason

    @ tyler thanks heaps.

    so this is a regular occurance for the wwe i think that if the wwe finds a town too small just don’t set up a show at said town but i do have to agree with dan.

  • Tyler

    @voice They also did the same thing when Smackdown was taped in Evansville, IN


    why hold one of ya shows in a city that ya feel aint big enough in the 1st place thats crazy talk wait this is vince we talkin about so in a way it makes sense but its stupid none the less

  • Jon

    And like Bosser City Louisiana was much more a major name. If your a guest to a city at least mention there names.

  • SYM

    Main Event Kicking Impacts ass.

  • Dan

    Why ban mentioning the city you’re in, its the easiest way to get a big cheap pop, which potentially could lift the crowd up for the rest of the show.

  • voice of reason

    this has happened before when the wwe went to a city they felt wasnt big enough to mention on a broadcast, i think it was fort wayne but i’m not 100% sure on the location.