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Main Event & More for Next Week’s Impact Wrestling, Indy Wrestler Trends Worldwide

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode vs. Sting has been announced for next week’s live Impact Wrestling, beginning in the new timeslot of 8pm EST. It was announced on Impact last night that the match will be a Lumberjack Match.

Also set for next week is Brooke Hogan’s official TNA TV debut as the new head of the Knockouts Division.

TNA also announced that they will reveal matches for the Slammmiversary pay-per-view on next Thursday’s broadcast.

– Independent wrestler Joey Ryan was trending worldwide on Twitter last night. The wrestling veteran lost to TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries.

  • straight-edge

    i ment tna needs new young wrestlers not wwe

  • straight-edge

    austin aries to tna is cm punk to wwe. there last hope. both is is what keeps there shows going. i know if it wasnt for eather one of them id find it hard to tune in every week. as far as joey ryan goes he was alright good kid has what it takes to make it one day. but its too soon. need a lot of work on some things wwe needs new young wrestlers i like this gut check thing there doing. but there letting there show slack you need more then one good hook. im glad they ended aries vs bully angle. because it was a great angle if they kept it up like normaly they do it would had just got boring. but bully ray is ready to carry the compony he should have the match with roode. but im excited to see where this abyess joseph park (abyss) thing goes. maybe after that we get a bully as a world champ

  • adam

    Furthermore how about another ultimate x match it seems like forever since they had one of those.

  • adam

    @suck yourself. I completly agree just once i would love for dixie’s monthly dumb ass anouncment to be that that there bringing back either the king of the mountain the six sided ring or all the dinosaurs are leaving. Speaking of which why in the blue hell is sting main eventing against roode when you have people like AJ Samoa Joe Daniel Aries and countless others collecting dust.

  • SuckYourself

    BRING BACK KING OF THE MOUNTAIN… Matches like tht made TNA different

  • poko

    It was a good match. He overdid his gimmick a tad, I thought, but that’s understandable given the situation, where he was trying to sell his character to the fans.

    Also, props to Aries. Even though he ultimately kicked Ryan’s ass, he still put him over quite a bit. Ryan got in a lot of moves, and had a chance to show what he could do. The chest-hair grab was hilarious.

    It was a good Impact. Maybe not as good as the week before, but still solid. The Roode/Styles main event was fantastic, PPV quality. Those guys are two of the best in the world without question.

  • Jon-Jon

    TNA has been needing a mustache ride for awhile.

  • SYM

    @BlaH that was real close to taking my spot of being Comment of the Week LMFAO.

  • chappy455

    Seriously, enough of Sting already. I like the guy but enough is enough. Let’s see Roode vs. Aries since it appears Aries only is there for only a year

  • scooter

    Joey ryan – living proof that outside of PWG Indy companys don’t appreciate charisma!

  • BlaH

    Joey Ryan looks like a 70’s pornstar
    But a good match though