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Major Backstage Heat on Brock Lesnar, WWE Keeping Him Off the Radar

– There is said to be “nuclear heat” on Brock Lesnar, partially because of his recent appearance at UFC 146. Lesnar showed up at the PPV and met with Dana White without Vince McMahon’s advance knowledge, which has a lot of WWE officials angry. Lesnar has reportedly been very difficult to deal with since he signed on with the company, similar to how he was during his first run with the company only making more money and working less dates.

WWE has taken a couple of shots at Lesnar in recent weeks, including Big Show’s promo where he talked about being a “fighter, not a sports entertainer” and Triple H not wearing an arm sling to sell Lesnar’s attack during his taped promo. The company is keeping Brock completely off the radar until it is time to start building toward his match with HHH at SummerSlam. He is expected to be off TV after for several months as well, with no word as to whether he’ll be at at the Royal Rumble.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Luke

    Ewes issues never change. There product is boring because there is too many wrestlers. Get the stars on both shows and get rid of half the titles. Vince wants stars to work a roster that none of us would at our workplace do why should they. Get realistic merge The roster, give Guys like the rock, hhh, hbk. Other guys like Kurt angle, sting etc. who would love a better schedule to get the into wwe. But Vince wants $$$ and that’s house shows he will loose. Title belt fights, etc. wwe has lots it’s way and it’s nearly lost me. Tna is crap I have gone from someone who used to watch raw smackdown and impact to hardly ever watching one of the three a month. It’s just garbage. Entertain. Id be cutting raw to 90 minutes not extending it and making it action packed. Cutting smackdown to an hour. They could tape both shows in a night. One way to keep stars. Maybe have one super raw a month that goes longer. And make that who 90 minutes action packed. There are too many times that let u fast forward. Who cares about the young talent. I don’t care what they do entertain. Do what u need to do to get angle back and sting for a run. Speak with Austin about a final run ala the rock. Even Goldberg etc, etc. Get them in and promote them. Good thing about signing stars to limited dates is it puts bums on seats and still allows other wrestlers to wrestling full time and develop themselves whilst the experience isn’t there

  • Rocky

    Yeah WWE, that will show Lesnar. Have him off TV for months whilst still paying him 5 MILLION dollars.

    You sure showed him, Vince.

  • straight-edge

    hell triple h should be brock. hell who cant he turn in to a bitch.

  • chronoxiong

    He came back, fans were excited! Now that we hear this, the fans turned on him. Lol…So hilarious.


    lesnars first run with the company was immense he was never gonna be able to match it again looking like a milk slush puppie

  • poko


    Do you really have to complain constantly about the opinions of other people regarding which performers they like or dislike? Bloody hell, if you don’t like someone then say so instead of whining like a thirteen year old girl. This passive-aggressive bitching of yours is getting tiresome. Either grow out of it, or take it to Facebook with the other bitter kids.

    Anyway, on topic, I hope they finish up strong with Lesnar and then let him go. The negatives he brings to the locker-room outweigh the positives.

  • Randy

    Where is Ryder!!We want Ryder!! (we being the mouse in my pocket)

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Uh oh, don’t tell me Triple H is going to beat Brock now.

  • voice of reason

    ok guys i don’t get it, heres why heres a list of sell out

    1 brock lesner
    2 the rock
    3 hbk

    what i don’t get is why they are classified as sell outs please can someone who has an inpartial view on this give me some truly valid reasons for these guys to sell out because all i see is

    1 brock lesner, brock has always been a tempremental talent prone to his little temper tantrums if he doesnt get his own way.

    2 the rock, the rock did his wrestling thing & movie thing but found that the movies couldnt afford him the time to wrestle anymore so he went where he can provide better for his family & devoted his time fully to his movie career.

    & 3 hbk shawn agreed to the stipulation that if he lost at wm i forget the number he agreed if he lost he would retire & frankly he has kept his word & hasnt wrestled again.

    how does this make these guys sell outs.

  • TheSheepDog

    oh wow, so is it now OK to dislike lesnar? i cant keep up with all this fickle, waiting for more than 2 people to dislike him so its actually ok to!

    I just hope his fans who spunked at his return learn about their own perceptual sides, and see this as another lesson learned

  • SYM

    @TomC not defending Lesnar but he was hurt and his opponent was using Drugs to Help him perform better. I just want to see Lesnar face Undertaker and just leave because hes really not living up to that expectation and hes not being professional.

  • TomC

    Brock GOT his ass kicked when he lost the UFC title – in under 3 minutes too. It was pathetic. That lump of meat should be GRATEFUL that the WWE allowed him to come back.

    That being said, I do think that things got a bit more exciting when Brock made his appearance. The mishap Cena fat-lip actually DID bring a bit of LEGITIMACY back to the WWE, for a brief period, anyway.

    Some potential great feuds/match-ups for Lesnar could/would be Ryback, Mason Ryan (if they would only give that guy a legitimate push) and – if only – Batista (if they were to ever bring him back).

  • dave

    brock makes WWE fun and exciting. who cares about heat or any of that bullshit. you know who has not heat on him, the crap guy on smackdown whose match you dont watch. brock is a character. end of story

  • mabry

    Fire Lesnar allready… and dont pay him shit!!!, hes allways been an A-hole, plus, i insist that hes a really dangerous guy to work with, he really seems to not care about anyones safety… i just wish someone would kick hes ass and show him a lesson!!!

  • Mark

    great another waste of money .

  • Maxwell

    I hope lesnars at the rumble,,,and I hope he wins his match agaisnt HHH, and the following matches he has after because if he is losing all these matches, than how are we suposed to belivie that he has a chance to defeat the Undertaker at Mania?

  • Maxwell

    Wow. Brock eat a cock.

  • kitkrock

    I knew it was a mistake bring back BRICK brain Lesnar.

    HE SOLD OUT on the fans, yet all YOU mindless sheep cheered your butts off when he came back the night after Mania.

    HELL, the rock is a sell out but at least Rock isn’t a dumb tool like Brick Lesnar.